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Center for China-U.S. Cooperation


About the CCUSC


Stories of interest pertaining to the CCUSC and executive director Suisheng Sam Zhao:

June 2014 - Professor Zhao discusses the role of nationalism in reclaiming legitimacy after the Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989 in an interview with NPR's Louisa Lim. "For Many of China's Youth, June 4 May as Well be Just Another Day"

November 2013 - Professor Zhao's recent article "A New Model of Great Power Relationships and China-U.S. Competition in Asia-Pacific" appeared in an ISPI Studies in an issue addressing "Chinese Policies under Xi Jinping." 

Sam Zhao at the Santa Fe Council of World Affairs on the topic of "Living In Challenging Times:The US and East Asia" Watch the highlights video below:

November 2011 – Professor Zhao is interviewed on Al-Jazeera. Watch the interview: