The Collaborative Refugee and Immigrant Information Center, created under the direction of the Center for Cultural Dynamics, was a regional referral and information database intended to assist people working with refugees and immigrants in the Rocky Mountain region. Begun in 1992, it was the area's first computer bulletin board for service providers and those conducting mental health- and human rights-specific refugee and immigrant research. The database was divided into two areas, the first being a compilation of bibliographic citations on a variety of topics within the larger framework of refugee and immigrant mental health. CRIIC also had an extensive hard-copy library which contained copies of many of the works listed in the computer. The second area was a listing of service providers in the Rocky Mountain region and included such pertinent information as addresses, as well as key contacts and specific ethnic groups on which a provider may concentrate.

In conjunction with the Josef Korbel School for International Studies (JKSIS) at the University of Denver, CCD established this homepage for refugee mental health and human rights in January of 1997. This web site evolved from the earlier CRIIC program, allowing the information formerly limited to one computer to be accessible through the internet. As before, one can obtain abstracts and bibliographies produced by those at the University of Denver and other scholars, as well as the addresses and phone numbers of key service providers in the Rocky Mountain region. In addition, the former CRIIC library is still available for those seeking hard copies of many of the bibliographic citations.

Service providers, students, faculty, and funders are encouraged to explore our homepage; we thank all of you for your ongoing interest and support. Please contact Dr. Peter Van Arsdale, Director of African Initiatives at DU's Josef Korbel School of International Studies and Board Chair of CCD,  with any questions or suggestions you may have, at PeterVanArsdale1@gmail.com.

Thanks are expressed to Rhonda Stanton, Saheli Datta, Marie Ott, and Heather Yocum for their work in updating and improving this system (phase one), and to Kelly Thayer for her work in updating and improving it more recently (phase two).





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