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Certificate in Homeland Security
Program Overview

The effort to prevent acts of international terror, to cope with them if they occur, and to protect essential human rights while we seek security will be at the forefront of many nations’ national security agendas for years to come. Given both the enormity and novelty (at least for the United States) of the task, the development of new educational programs has become a vital part of national efforts in Homeland Security (HLS). The innovative program at the Graduate School of International Studies is one of the first – and most comprehensive – efforts to address this critical need.

Our Homeland Security (HLS) certificate program and our one-year Master’s Degree in Homeland Security (HLS) offer a spectrum of approaches to becoming a specialist in a new and challenging field. As employment opportunities expand at all levels of government and in the private sector, our homeland security students will be exceptionally well-prepared to serve as administrators, executives, diplomats, military and civil servants, homeland security responders and planners, academics, analysts and consultants. Most important our students will contribute greatly to a national and international effort of supreme importance.


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