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Masters in International Security
Program Overview

The events of 9/11, and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have dramatized the ways in which globalization has transformed the security environment. Recognizing the new global context of security, The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS) at the University of Denver has grouped its Security Studies programs (MA in International Security and Certificate Program in Homeland Security) under the umbrella of the Institute of Globalization & Security (IGLOS). IGLOS has responded to the events of 9/11 by expanding its offerings in such areas as international terrorism (including terrorism and development) and the proliferation of mass destruction weapons. IGLOS at GSIS has developed the most extensive program in homeland security in the nation, a program now being further strengthened by our growing relationship with the Colorado Springs-based United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM)—the command responsible for the defense of North America against terrorist attack.

The two-year Master of Arts Degree in International Security at GSIS provides students with expertise in strategy and arms control, regional security, the changing nature of warfare, and the processes through which governments choose and implement foreign and national security policies—including the role of international and non-governmental organizations. As part of the M.A  program, students receive broad training in the fields of international relations, American government and policymaking U.S. foreign and security policy, emerging security threats, and regional security issues. In addition, students are able to choose an area of specialization including Homeland Security (HLS), economics and security, intelligence, strategy and arms control, security and society, human rights and security, conflict resolution; and policy analysis. With courses offered by faculty trained in political science, law, economics, history, sociology, and the natural sciences, GSIS offers a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to understanding the security environment in this new era in world politics.

The MA in International Security prepares students for leadership roles in a rapidly changing world. Distinguished graduates of GSIS in the U.S. security include Condelezza Rice, who currently serves as U.S. National Security Advisor in the Bush Administration, perhaps the highest government position in the security field in the country; Madeleine Albright, immediate past U.S. Secretary of State, is the daughter of Dr. Joseph Korbel, who founded GSIS as a formal institute almost forty years ago; General John Pustay, who worked with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is a GSIS PhD (1960s); Lieutenant General George Casey Jr., a GSIS MA who currently serves as Director of the Joint Staff with assignment as Director for Strategic Command and Policy; and Ms. Jami Miscik, an MA graduate of GSIS who recently served as Deputy Director of Intelligence.


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