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Here at CMES, we often have a hard time keeping track of all the events we host, the number of articles, op/eds, and blog posts our staff and affiliate faculty members author, the conference presentations they make, or the media interviews they give. Our "News" page is an attempt to provide a roundup of all the recent goings on at the Center, as well an archive of the events we've hosted.


June 15, 2016: DU Newsroom - "Concern Over Extremist Views Towards Gay Community"
The University of Denver newsroom interviewed CMES Director Nader Hashemi for his input regarding homophobia within extremist movements. Read those remarks, along with input from the Dean of the Josef Korbel School here

June 14, 2016: Steamboat Today - "Middle East expert talks 'ISIS Crisis' and Orlando massacre"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi spoke to an audience in Steamboat Springs about the massacre in Orlando, what connection this attack has to ISIS, and more.

June 13, 2016: Denver Channel 7 - "University of Denver expert warns of more terrorist attacks and the danger of self-radicalization"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi is interviewed in the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub mass shooting for his input on the radicalization of the shooter. Read his remarks here. 

May 31, 2016: Huffington Post - "Syria's Medical and Humanitarian Nightmare: An Interview with Dr. Zaher Sahloul 
CMES Associate Director Danny Postel published this recent article with Huffington Post after his powerful video interview with Dr. Zaher Sahloul.

May 31, 2016: Alternative Radio - "The Broken Politics of the Middle East"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was interviewed on Alternative Radio regarding the general turmoil in the Middle East. 

April 4, 2016: CCTV America - "The Heat: Muslim Brotherhood" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was interviewed yesterday by CCTV to discuss the politics of the Republican Party, Islamophobia and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

March 31, 2016: National Press Club Washington D.C. - "The Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act 2015 - Implications for Egypt and the Region" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi participated in a panel at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., put together by the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy (CSID). Watch Nader's remarks regarding the new legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a terrorist group. 

March 29, 2016: Denver Channel 9 - "A DU Professor's Take on Terrorism"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was called on again by local media for his response to the latest terror attacks in Brussels, Baghdad and Pakistan. Watch here. 

March 27, 2016: Denver Channel 7 - "Analyzing the Terror Attacks in Brussels" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was interviewed for Denver's local Channel 7 news for his response to the latest terror attacks in Brussels. Watch his interview here.

March 24, 2016: Voice of America - "Saudi/Iran Detente May Be Advisable, but Is it Likely?"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi gave his input on Iran's actions inside of Syria, access the full article here

March 14, 2016: Ottowa Morning CBC - "Inside Syria" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was interviewed by Ottowa Morning CBC to discuss the increasingly dark situation in Syria. To access Dr. Hashemi's interview, click here

March 4, 2016: Education and the Arab Spring
CMES Visiting Scholar Ahmed Abd Rabou has published a book chapter inside the book titled "Education and the Arab Spring: Resistance, Reform and Democracy" Link to the book publisher page here

March 2, 2016: Fair Observer - "More Puzzling Decision-Making From Saudi Arabia"
CMES Distinguished Fellow Gary Grappo has published an article with Fair Observer detailing the inner politics of Saudi Arabia. Access Amb. Grappo's article here

February 18, 2016: European Council on Foreign Relations - "Five Years On: A new European agenda for North Africa" 
CMES Visiting Scholar Ahmed Abd Rabou is a contributor to this ECFR report on North Africa, specifically contributing observations and predictions about Egpyt's President and their future. Read here. 

February 14, 2016: Fair Observer - "Arab Military Forces to Take on ISIS: More Questions with No Answers"
CMES Distinguished Fellow Gary Grappo frequently writes op-eds for Fair Observer, and in this instance addresses Arab involvement in the ISIS crisis. Access the article here

February 4, 2016: Aspen Public Radio - "The ISIS Crisis" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was interviewed by Alycin Bektesh regarding the current US agenda against ISIS. Listen here

January 28, 2016: Foreign Policy - "The Army and its President: To Keep the Armed Forces Happy, President Sisi is giving them Egypt's Economy" 
CMES Carnegie Visiting Scholar Ahmed Abd Rabou is quoted in Foreign Policy's latest analysis of Egypt. Read the article here

January 26, 2016: Background Briefing with Ian Masters - "The Pope's Meeting with Iran's President"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi is interviewed by Ian Masters for his daily talk show to discuss the historic meeting between Pope Francis and President Rouhani, of Iran.

January 22, 2016: Wall Street Journal - "The Two Faces of Iran's Dual Government"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi is quoted in this WSJ article discussing the make-up and motivations of the Iranian government. Read here

January 8, 2016: Syria Deeply - "The Expert View: The Saudi-Iran Rift Over Syria"
CMES Director, Nader Hashemi, gives his input along with several other Syria experts on the latest escalating tensions between regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia. Read the great piece here. 

December 16, 2015: Westword Magazine - "The Problem with the CELL Isn't What's Inside, It's Who Isn't Inside" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi is quoted in this article featured in Denver's Westword Magazine. Read the full article here. 

December 13, 2015: 9News: Balance of Power - "Trump's Plan For Muslims"
CMES Director, Nader Hashemi, is interviewed on Colorado's local news station to discuss the recent proposal by GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, and the consequences of his rhetoric. Watch the video here.  

December 3, 2015: Colorado Public Radio: Colorado Matters - "At DU, Teaching the Iran Nuclear Deal to Aspiring Diplomats"
CMES Director, Nader Hashemi, was interviewed on 'Colorado Matters' by Ryan Warner, discussing the importance of the Iran nuclear agreement. Listen to Dr. Hashemi's thoughts on the deal here. 

October 29, 2015: Al-Jazeera America - "Russia's Involvement in Syria Talks Reflects Russia's Growing Influence"
CMES visiting scholar, Rami Khouri, was quoted in this article discussing the diplomatic ramifications of Russia's growing involvement in the Syria Crisis. You can read the article here.

October 13, 2015: Al-Jazeera America - "A Peace Prize for Tunisia and Lessons for Everyone Else"
Our most recent visiting scholar, Rami Khouri, has published a thoughtful piece with Al-Jazeera America in regards to the most recent announcement of winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. You can read his opinion piece here .  

September 30, 2015: - "Should U.S. Swap Iranian Prisoners for Americans?"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi published another article relating to the Iran-deal & US-Iran relations with This article is an analysis of the options President Obama has in deciding whether or not to negotiate a prisoner swap with Iran. You can read his remarks here

September 29, 2015: Political Theology Today - "The Hajj Stampede is Nothing New, but Raises Questions About the Future of Muslim Pilgrimage" 
CMES Affiliate Faculty Andrea Stanton published this timely article in reaction to the latest Hajj pilgrimage, in which a stampede caused the deaths of 769 pilgrims. You can read this important piece here

September 3, 2015: DU Magazine - "Quick Questions: Middle East expert Nader Hashemi on the Iran nuclear deal"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi recently sat down with DU Magazine's Editorial Manager, Tamara Chapman, for an interview on the Iran nuclear deal. As the day of the vote in Congress approaches, Dr. Hashemi answered questions on the potential implications of this deal if it passes through Congress, as well as the potential implications if it doesn't. Read the article here

September 1, 2015: Politico - "Activists in Iran Pen Open Letter to Americans on Nuclear Deal"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was featured in a Politico article which published an open letter from Iranian civil society activists and intellectuals, written to the United States, asking to support the Iran nuclear deal. CMES Director Hashemi helped to organize this letter, working with those in Iran. The letter has been published on the homepage of our website, and the Politico article can be read here

September 1, 2015: Foreign Policy - "Egypt's Besieged Universities"
CMES Carnegie Visiting Scholar, Ahmed Abd Rabou, was interviewed by Foreign Policy for an article discussing academic freedom and Egypt's current political crackdown. His insight, as a professor from Cairo University, is interesting and enlightening. The article can be found here.  

August 28, 2015: Political Insight - "Country Focus - Egypt"
CMES Carnegie Visiting Scholar, Ahmed Abd Rabou, has recently published another article. The Political Studies Association in the UK published Ahmed's profile of the current state of Egypt in the 6th volume of their Political Insight journal. Access the abstract here.  

August 15, 2015: The Denver Post - "Deciphering the Iran Nuclear Deal"
CMES Director Hashemi and Associate Director Postel were interviewed by Vincent Carroll from The Denver Post for an opinion piece regarding the Iran nuclear deal. The illuminating and fascinating interview can be accessed here.  

July 22, 2015: Background Briefing with Ian Masters - "Refuting the Idea that the Iranians got the Better of Obama" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi followed up with Ian Masters on KPFK radio in the aftermath of the P5+1 group reaching a deal with Iran.

July 17, 2015: CNN - "Nuclear Deal Could Transform Iran"
In light of the historic deal with Iran this week, CMES Director Nader Hashemi published an article for CNN on how this deal actually benefits the people of Iran. Access that article here. 

June 30, 2015: Background Briefing with Ian Masters - "Another Week to Make the P5+1 Deal with Iran"
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was interviewed by Ian Masters on KPFK radio to discuss the likelihood of a deal being reached, despite the week-long extensions of negotiations with Iran.

June 28, 2015: Cairo Review of Global Affairs - "How a Nuclear Deal Helps Democracy in Iran" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi has published an article with the Cairo Review of Global Affairs, discussing the possible impacts of an Iran nuclear deal on the lives of ordinary citizens in Iran. The article can be accessed here

June 24, 2015: Syria Deeply  - "A Fresh Look at Long-term Solutions for Syria's Refugee Children in Turkey " 
CMES Associate Director Danny Postel was mentioned in an article by Syria Deeply, a digital media project aiming to increase knowledge and understanding of the conflict in Syria. Danny is mentioned in connection with his work with the Karam Foundation's Zeitouna initiative, a creative therapy and wellness program for displaced Syrian children. Read the article here

June 24, 2015:  Yahoo Politics - "Marketing the Anti-extremism Message to Millenials" 
CMES Director Nader Hashemi was recently quoted in a Yahoo Politics article about the U.S. State Department’s “Peer 2 Peer: Challenging Extremism” program aimed at combatting violent extremism. You can find the article here.

June 16, 2015: The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy - "Decision Making in Egypt: What Has Changed Since Mubarak?"
Carnegie Centennial Visiting Scholar Ahmed Abd Rabou has published an article on the website of the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy titled “Decision Making in Egypt: What Has Changed Since Mubarak?” 

May 27, 2015: Andrea Stanton, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies in DU's Department of Religious Studies and Affiliate Faculty Member of CMES, was recently profiled in University of Denver Magazine. Read the full text here.

May 27, 2015: CMES Carnegie Centennial Visiting Scholar and Egyptian Political Scientist Emad Shahin was interviewed by Colorado Public Radio on his recent death sentence in Egypt. Listen to the full interview here.

April 4, 2015: Current CMES Carnegie Centennial Visiting Fellow Ahmed Abd Rabou was interviewed by Al-Ahram Weekly on the US-Iran nuclear negotiations. Read the full text here.

February 19, 2015: CMES Director Nader Hashemi gave an interview with CCTV America, discussing the ongoing violence and instability in Pakistan. Watch the full interview here.

February 16, 2015: CMES Director Nader Hashemi gave an interview with Denver NBC affiliate 9 News discussing Egypt's mounting military campaign against the self-anointed "Islamic State" in Libya. Watch the full interview here.

February 13, 2015: Former CMES Carnegie Centennial Fellow, Abdullah Al-Arian, had a radio interview with  Alternative Radio's David Barsamian (recorded on 12/18/14, shortly before Al-Arian left CMES) broadcast and made available online. You can hear a segment of the interview here, with the option to purchase the whole program.

February 7, 2015: CMES Director Nader Hashemi gave a television interview with FOX 31 Denver discussing U.S. foreign policy and the war against ISIS. Watch the interview here.

January 7, 2015: CMES Director Nader Hashemi gave a television interview with Denver NBC affiliate 9 News discussing the attack on the offices of Parisian satire newspaper, Charlie Hebdo. Watch the interview here.