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The faculty and affiliate faculty of the Center for Middle East Studies teach a variety of courses on or relating to the Middle East throughout the University of Denver. Here you will find a comprehensive list of those courses on offer for Winter QUARTER 2016, broken down by the department through which they are offered.

Please note, the courses listed below combine those at both the undergraduate and graduate level.


HIST 2016 Contemporary Israel-Palestinian Conflict 2000-Present ( Sciarcon, Jonathan; Stanton, Andrea)

HIST 2310 Modern Middle East: 1798-1991 Sciarcon, Jonathan

 world Languages & Literature

ARAB 1002 - Elementary Arabic (Foster)
Basics of Modern Standard Arabic. Three quarter sequence. Prerequisite: ARAB 1001 or equivalent. (4 credits)
ARAB 2002 - Intermediate Arabic (Foster)
Continued study of Arabic language. Two quarter sequence. Prerequisite: ARAB 1002 or equivalent. (4 credits) 
HEBR 1002 - Elementary Hebrew (Havis)
Basics of Modern Hebrew. Three quarter sequence. Prerequisite: HEBR 1001 or equivalent (4 credits)
HEBR 2002 - Intermediate Hebrew (Havis)
Continued study of Hebrew language. Three quarter sequence. Prerequisite: HEBR 2001 or equivalent. (4 credits)
HEBR 3010 - Aspects of Modern Hebrew: Readings Films Songs and Discussions (Havis)
Continued Study of Hebrew with an increased focus on the cultural traditions of the language. Prerequisite: HEBR 2003 or equivalent