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Center for Middle East Studies Journals



Below you will find links to, and descriptions of, the best scholarly journals published on subjects relating to the history, politics, and culture of the Middle East and broader Islamic world. We hope they will broaden and deepen your studies of the region. Happy reading!

Note: Access to journal articles is available only when using the DU network. Library permissions will not be granted otherwise.

Middle east politics & policy

Middle East Policy
A journal dedicated to the study and analysis of contemporary Middle Eastern politics with a heavy emphasis on its relation to U.S. foreign policy. Strong current events focus.

The Middle East Journal
A journal focused on political and economic development in the Middle East and the implications for Western policy. Strong current events focused.

Middle East Quarterly
Policy and current affairs journal. Strong political influence from the American Right and neoconservative movement.

Middle East Research & Information Project (MERIP)
Policy and current event analysis geared towards the media and general public. Focused on non-specialist consumption and generating public awareness.

Middle east history

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Journal of the British Society of Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES). Strong emphasis on modern cultural, religious, intellectual, and political history.

International Journal of Middle East Studies
The journal of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). Arguably the most prominent journal in the field. Heavy emphasis on cultural, religious, intellectual, and political history from the modern period.

Journal of North African Studies
The journal of the American Institute of Maghrib Studies. Primarily focused on the modern history of North Africa, frequently publishes pre-modern historical research.

Middle East Critique
Critical examination of contemporary Middle Eastern political, economic, social, and cultural history.

Middle Eastern Studies
Journal of modern historical research with an emphasis on political, economic, and military history.

Area studies

Arab Studies Journal
Journal focusing on the modern histories of Arab societies.

Contemporary Arab Affairs
Focused on contemporary social, economic, and political/policy affairs within the Arab world.

Iranian Studies
Journal focused on the modern history of the Persianate world (Iran, Central Asia, Northern India, and the Caucuses), with particular emphasis on Iranian society and politics.

Israel Affairs
Focused primarily on contemporary Israeli politics and policy

Turkish Studies
Focused on post-Ottoman Turkish political, social, and economic history, in addition to contemporary policy debates.