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Syria Resources

Welcome to the Center for Middle East Studies' Syria resources page, where you will find the latest human rights reports on the Syrian conflict from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the United Nations' Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic.


December 16, 2015: If the Dead Could Speak: Mass Deaths and Torture in Syria's Detention Facilities

November 8, 2015: "When I Picture My Future, I See Nothing": Barriers to Education for Syrian Refugee Children in Turkey

September 21, 2015: "As Though We Are Not Human Beings" Police Brutality against Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Macedonia

June 19, 2015: The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis: Why People Flee, What the EU Should Do

March 22, 2015: "He Didn't Have to Die" Indiscriminate Attacks by Opposition Groups in Syria

August 7, 2015: Not Welcome: Jordan's Treatment of Palestinians Escaping Syria

July 2, 2014: "We Are Still Here" Women on the Front Lines of Syria's Conflict

June 22, 2014: "Maybe We Live and Maybe We Die" Recruitment and Use of Children by Armed Groups in Syria

June 19, 2014: Under Kurdish Rule: Abuses in PYD-run Enclaves of Syria

April 28, 2014: Containment Plan: Bulgaria’s Pushbacks and Detention of Syrian and Other Asylum Seekers and Migrants

March 24, 2014: Syria: Unlawful AIr Attacks Terrorize Aleppo

February 18, 2014: Syria: New Deadly Cluster Munitions Attacks

January 30, 2014: "Razed to the Ground: Syria's Unlawful Neighborhood Demolitions in 2012-2013"

September 13, 2013: "'No One's Left': Summary Executions by Syrian Forces in al-Bayda and Baniyas."

September 10, 2013: "Attacks on Ghouta: Analysis of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria."

June 5, 2013: "Safe No More: Students and Schools under Attack in Syria"

April 10, 2013: "Death from the Skies: Deliberate and Indiscriminate Air Strikes on Civilians"

July 3, 2012: "Torture Archipelago: Arbitrary Arrests, Torture and Enforced Disappearances in Syria's Underground Prisons since March 2011"

May 2, 2012: "They Burned My Heart': War Crimes in Northern Idlib during Peace Plan Negotiations"

April 9, 2012: "In Cold Blood: Summary Executions by Syrian Security Forces and Pro-Government Militias"

December 15, 2011: "'By All Means Necessary!': Individual and Command Responsibility for Crimes against Humanity in Syria"

November 11, 2011: "We Live as in War': Crackdown on Protesters in the Government in the Governorate of Homs"


March 23, 2016: Jordan: Living on the Margins - Syrian refugees in Jordan struggle to access health care

February 3, 2016: Syrian Refugee Crisis in Numbers

February 2, 2016: Lebanon: Refugee Women from Syria Face Heightened Risk of Exploitation and Sexual Harassment

January 8, 2016: In Madaya You See Walking Skeletons: Accounts of Life Under Siege in Syria, Jan. 8, 2016

December 23, 2015: Russia's Statements on Its Attack in Syria Unmasked

December 16, 2015: Human Rights Development in the Five Years Since the "Arab Spring" Uprisings

December 7, 2015: The Arming of the Islamic State

November 5, 2015: Syria: 'Between Prison And The Grave': Enforced Disappearances In Syria

October 12, 2015: Syria: 'We Had Nowhere To Go' - Forced Displacement And Demolitions In Northern Syria

August 12, 2015: 'Left to die under siege': War crimes and human rights abuses in Eastern Ghouta

May 5, 2015: 'Death everywhere': War crimes and human rights abuses in Aleppo

March 17, 2015: Al-Raqqa under attack: Syrian air force strikes against civilians

November 7, 2014: Released schoolboys reveal torture, fear and anxiety in IS captivity in Syria

November 5, 2015: State Profits from Crimes Against Humanity as Policy of Enforced Disappearances Drives Black Market

October 7, 2015: Hungary's Violations of the Rights of Refugees

October 7, 2015: Turkey Must Protect Released Syrian Refugees

September 21, 2014: Refugees Need Safe Access to Protection (Statement to EU Summit)

September 4, 2014: Syrian Refugee Crisis in Numbers

July 6, 2015: Violations Against Refugees in Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary

June 15, 2015: The Global Refugee Crisis: A Conspiracy of Neglect

June 15, 2015: Syrian Refugees Face Increased Restrictions in Lebanon

April 21, 2015: Europe's Sinking Shame: The Failure to Save Refugees and Migrants at Sea

Feb 4, 2015: Hardship, Hope, and Resettlement: Refugees from Syria Tell Their Stories

December 5, 2015: Left Out in the Cold: Syrian Refugees Abandoned by the International Community

November 20, 2015: Struggling to Survive: Refugees from Syria in Turkey

September 30, 2015: Refugees and Migrants in Peril in Central Mediterranean

July 9, 2015: The Human Cost of Fortress Europe

July 2014: Denied Refuge: Palestinians from Syria Seeking Safety in Lebanon 

May 21,2014: Agonizing Choices: Syrian Refugees in Need of Health Care in Lebanon

April 29, 2014: Greece: Refugees Pushed Back at Europe's Border

March 10, 2014: Squeezing the Life Out of Yarmouk: War Crimes Against Besieged Civilians

December 19, 2013: Rule of Fear: ISIS Abuses in Detention in Northern Syria

December 13, 2013: An International Failure: The Syrian Refugee Crisis

October 30, 2013: Growing Restrictions, Tough Conditions: The Plight of Those Fleeing Syria to Jordan

October 17, 2013: 'We Cannot Live Here Any More:' Refugees from Syria in Egypt

July 26, 2013: Syria: Civilians in al-Baydah and Banias exposed to summary executions

May 3, 2013: Syria: Shooting the messenger: Journalists targeted by all sides in Syria

April 25. 2013: Turkey: National authorities and the international community must act in partnership to meet the needs of Syrian refugees

March 14, 2013: Syria: Government bombs rain on civilians

March 14, 2013: Syria: Summary killings and other abuses by armed opposition groups

September 19, 2012: Syria: Indiscriminate attacks terrorize and displace civilians

October 3, 2011: Syria: The long reach of the Mukhabaraat: Violence and harassment against Syrians abroad and their relatives back home

August 31, 2011: Syria: Deadly detention: Deaths in custody amid popular protest in Syria

July 6, 2011: Syria: Crackdown in Syria: Terror in Tell Kalakh


February 22, 2016: Report of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

February 8, 2016: Thematic Report: "Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Deaths in Detention in the Syrian Arab Republic"

February 5, 2015: 9th Report of Commission of Inquiry on Syria

September 16, 2014: Selected testimonies from victims of the Syrian conflict

December 19, 2013: "Without a trace: enforced disappearances in Syria"

September 13, 2013: Conference Paper-Assault on Medical Care in Syria

September 11, 2013: 6th Report of Commission of Inquiry on Syria

June 4, 2013: 5th Report of Commission of Inquiry on Syria

February 5, 2013: 4th Report of Commission of Inquiry on Syria

August 15, 2012: 3rd Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

February 22, 2012: 2nd Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

November 23, 2011: 1st Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic


April 14, 2014: Open Wounds: Torture and Ill-treatment in the Syrian Arab Republic

March 2014: UNICEF: Under Siege: The Devastating Impact on Children of Three Years of Conflict in Syria

February 2014: Mapping the Conflict in Aleppo, Syria

January 31, 2014: "A Year in Review: UNHCR Syria 2013" 

January 20, 2014: A Report into the Credibility of Certain Evidence with Regard to Torture and Execution of Persons Incarcerated by the Current Syrian Regime