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The Center for Sustainable Development & International Peace

SDIP: At the Intersection of Development and Peace

SDIP is a research, education, and policy center that explores and informs the world about the complex links between sustainable development, and international peace and security in the 21st century.

The Center’s role

Our programs and projects work to find solutions to the world’s highest priority armed conflicts and societal violence. We do this by focusing our work on the relationships between sustainable development and the post-Cold War world’s ability to address these problems.

The Center

  • Conducts sponsored research on themes of development and conflict, multilateral and especially United Nations approaches to conflict prevention, management and peacebuilding; and themes of democracy and governance that link the development and peace agendas
  • Provides cutting-edge, policy-relevant research findings to policymakers and specialists in the international community with a particular emphasis on relationships with the United Nations
  • Delivers education and training on development and global health, the global environment and sustainability, and on the international system of responding to civil wars and violent intrastate conflicts
  • Engages in public outreach on themes that are at the intersection of development and peace to broaden public awareness on the ways in which the contemporary global issues of advancements in education, health, and livelihoods are deeply interconnected with common global concerns, such as violence and conflict that necessarily require international cooperation.

Specific focus areas

  • Scarcity, conflict and governance
    This concentration focuses on critical environmental issues:
  1. Energy scarcity and the effects of great-power rivalry in this area on oil-exporting states such as Sudan, Nigeria, Iran and Iraq
  2. Water scarcity and quality, which with the related competition for land is a pressing global concern
  3. Global health and migration issues, and in particular, the relationship  between armed conflict and the international migration regime
  • International peace and security
    This concentration explores the underlying state weaknesses and social stress that threaten international peace and security. It reviews the dynamics of state weakness, including mobilization, crises and pathways of state failure.

    It also evaluates international efforts to build more effective, democratic states in the wake of civil wars. Within this concentration, the Center offers a specialization in the prevention, management, and settlement of civil wars and current efforts to improve international peacebuilding operations at the United Nations.
  • Democracy and governance assessment
    To support development and promote peace, donor agencies, international financial institutions and international organizations have increasingly assessed democratic governance. The Center concentration on democracy and governance will include a core focus on governance and human rights. It will explore enhancing models and methods of assessment as well as conducting assessment projects through sponsored research.