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Sustainable Development

Center for Sustainable Development & International Peace

We strive to make the world a more peaceful, secure, stable place.

The Center conducts research, educates and provides open dialogue about how people can help a broad effort to achieve worldwide sustainable development, peace and security.

We do this by:

  • Helping participants identify and understand trends in decline and progress in international development and security
  • Conducting research, projects and programs that examine countries embroiled in environmental, economic and social conflict and/or governed by weak, corrupt or chaotic leadership
  • Offering activities and exercises that explore how communities have improved international relations since the post-Cold War era—with a particular focus on the United Nations’ peacemaking and peace-building efforts
  • Providing policy-relevant research findings to policymakers and specialists in the international community, with a particular emphasis on the United Nations system
  • Training participants in and educating them about development and global health, the global environment and sustainability, and on the international system of responding to civil wars and violent intrastate conflicts
  • Doing public outreach to broaden awareness of the interconnections between development and peace and highlighting the need for cooperative, multilateral, global solutions to 21st century opportunities and challenges