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Center for Sustainable Development & International Peace

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Past Events

From Principles to Practice: Technology, Diplomacy, and Development
April 16-19, 2012

Rapidly evolving technological innovations are changing the way we respond to the challenges of complex emergencies, disaster response, and global health evaluation and implementation. New open source platforms and mobile applications have put game changing devices in the hands of citizens around the world, allowing for improved mission efficiency due to increased collaboration. However, these new communication platforms also raise a number of ethical questions for practitioners and policymakers alike. During this event, students, faculty, and experts in the field examined the evolution of these emerging technologies and their potential implications for the future of international diplomacy and development.

  • Monday, April 16th / 12-2pm Cyber Cafe 
Introduction to TechWeek@Korbel: Innovations in technology within the DU community 
  • Monday, April 16th / 5-7pm Cyber Cafe 
Killer Apps That Save Lives: An overview seminar on new frontiers in IT/Mobile w/ Christopher Neu and Rob Baker, TechChange 
  • Tuesday, April 17th / 5-7pm BMC201 
Satellite Sentinel Project: How technology is changing the way we respond to complex emergencies w/ Nathaniel Raymond, Director of Operations for the Satellite Sentinel Project 
  • Wednesday, April 18th / 12-2pm Cyber Cafe Tracking global public health threats through apps and the web w/ David Scales, HealthMap 
  • Thursday, April 19th / 12-2pm SIE150 
Technology: The Great Equalizer? A roundtable discussion and week in review.

Download the event flyer here.

USIP "Teaching Case Studies in Governance and Peacebuilding in Conflict-Affected Countries" Competition

In the fall of 2011 with the support of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), the Center announced a small-grant competition to develop case study materials in international peace and security. In conjunction with USIP's Peace Academy, the Center conducted a peer-reviewed competition to develop teaching cases in two areas of international conflict management: a) governance and conflict prevention; and b) post-war peacebuilding and stabilization and reconstruction.

Congratulations to the following authors whose case studies were selected by DU/SDIP for advancement to USIP:

  • Marc Ellison, Carleton University
  • Devin Finn, Georgetown University
  • Felix Haass, United Nations Institute for Training and Research
  • Iuliia Kononenko, University of Denver
  • Radidja Nemar, Université Paul Cézanne
  • Christi Sletten, Univeristy of Denver

ACUNS/ASIL Summer Workshop

The Center served as the host of the 2011 Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) and American Society of International Law (ASIL) Summer Workshop for the UN and other professionals. This year's theme was Peacebuilding and Statebuilding in Divided Societies, held July 5-15, 2011, in Vail, Colorado. The workshop brought together junior professors in international relations and international law faculties, post-doctoral and advanced doctoral level students, young lawyers and UN practitioners for a ten-day course held at the Vail Cascade Hotel and Resort. 

ACUNS/ASIL Summer Workshop Group Photo

For a look at the 2011 ACUNS/ASIL Summer Workshop program, click here.