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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School Building

Student Profiles

Brittany Franck | First Year MA Candidate

Brittany Franck, MA Candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Education: Dual BA in English and American Studies from California State University, Fullerton

Program at the Josef Korbel School: International Development, certificate in Global Health Affairs

What work experience do you have? I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia, where I trained primary school English teachers and worked to improve health care access and awareness for people with disabilities. I collaborated with the local government bureaus to develop an action plan for improving our community's Boarding School for the Blind, partnered with local clinics to arrange eye and dental screenings for the boarding school's 100 students, and worked with a team of theater and music instructors to establish a weekly "Arts for All" program at the school.

Why did you choose the Josef Korbel School? A major factor in choosing Korbel was the certificate program in Global Health Affairs and its wide variety of course offerings. I was seeking a degree program that would allow a great deal of flexibility and the opportunities to develop the skills that are crucial in the field. I was also offered a research assistant position with the Project on Environment, Food and Conflict (ENFOCO) at the Sié Center, a great opportunity to gain new skills in research and mapping.

What are your career goals? I plan to return to Ethiopia to continue working with vision-impaired students. Our goals include developing opportunities for life and vocational skills training and improving inclusion in the health and education systems. My career goal is to assist communities in obtaining basic resources so they can be empowered to build on their potential and contribute to national and global development efforts.

So far, how has the Josef Korbel School prepared you for your career? The flexibility allowed in the program has offered me the opportunity to tailor my courses to fit my research interests in education, health and Ethiopia. Professor Johnson's course prepared me to design a health intervention targeting my community in Ethiopia, which I hope to implement upon my return. Professor Abdel-Maksoud's Major Diseases course offers an in-depth view of a variety of global diseases, crucial for my future work in community health; I am also working on a project addressing trachoma, a major health concern in Ethiopia. Also, Professor Joshi's Education and Development course offered an ideal environment for processing and critiquing my observations of educational development efforts from the field and offered a strong foundation for my research project on inclusive education.

Favorite place to study: Coffeehouses with couches

Favorite place to unwind: In the mountains

Favorite Denver restaurant: City O' City

Favorite Denver/Colorado activity: Running

Favorite spot abroad: Ethiopia and Germany