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Josef Korbel School of International Studies


Student Profiles

Lilay Berhane | First Year MA Candidate

Lilay Berhane, MA Candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Education: BS Biochemistry, Clark University in Worcester, MA

Program at the Josef Korbel School: International Development with the Global Health Certificate

What work experience do you have? Before coming to Korbel I worked for the UN World Food Programme in Zambia as a program assistant.

Why did you choose the Josef Korbel School? While it is important to be an expert in a particular field, the development, humanitarian and global health challenges of today require multiple perspectives. I chose the Josef Korbel School because the program is uniquely attuned. Even as the focus classes for your particular masters offer a great deal of specialization, the curriculum as a whole makes room for you to obtain a certificate and/or a concentration in additional subject areas.

What are your career goals? My goal is to continue to be involved in the development and global health challenges of today in a professional capacity.

So far, how has the Josef Korbel School prepared you for your career? There are a number of resources that prepare you for a career in development work at your disposal as a student at Korbel including a number of guest lectures and networking opportunities. However, the most rewarding experience so far has come from the close interactions with professors, who have a good mix of academic and field experience, and are incredibly approachable.

Favorite place to study: Anderson Academic Commons

Favorite place to unwind: Coors Fitness Center squash courts

Favorite Denver restaurant: Axum Restaurant

Favorite Denver/Colorado activity: Exploring the city

Favorite spot abroad: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia