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Latino Center

Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship


 The University of Denver Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship (DULCCES) was founded in 2005 by former provost and chancellor Robert Coombe.  DULCCES is as a consortium of interdisciplinary faculty dedicated to creating and advancing knowledge that gives voice to the history, politics, culture, and legacies of Latino communities. The faculty of DULCCES are dedicated to critical inquiry that incorporates the rich histories of the Latino community. As a community of scholars we value the connection between the mind and the heart of the community which is the foundation from which we have emerged as scholars. 

Upcoming events

Trails of Hope and Terror: The Movie

When a nation builds roads into another country to extract its raw materials and cheap labor, we should't be surprised when people take those same roads following everything that has been stolen from them

Film Screening and Discussion will be held on November 4, 2014 at the University of Denver's Lindsay Auditorium, Sturm Hall. For more information and a video clip, please visit the website

To register for this event, please click here.


DULCCES' vision is to provide a vibrant intellectual culture that contributes to the wealth of knowledge for and about Latino communities.  To this end, DULCCES supports the development of research, critical inquiry and creative works that 

To achieve this vision, our main objectives include:

  • To provide training and education;
  • To conduct research, critical inquiry and creative work;
  • To practice community engagement with the Latino community;

The DU Latino Center mission statement reflects its place as part of the university community, informing the academic world and creating a bridge between the academic world and the Latino community from where its scholars spring. In this way, the Latino Center looks to the future through a historical framework that honors and learns from the rich past of the Latino culture. As a community of scholars, it also values the connection between the mind and the heart of the community, which has nurtured this culture and to which it exists to serve.

The priority work areas for the Latino Center include:

  • Training and Education: To develop a curriculum representative of the Latino cultural and historical experience.
  • Research, Critical Inquiry, Creative Work: To promote the intellectual, creative and political empowerment of Latino communities.
  • Practice and Community Engagement for the Latino Community: To support and facilitate the bringing of the Latino community's resources to the university and the resources of the university to the larger community.