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The Leadership Minor

Route PLP

Since 1995, the Pioneer Leadership Program has graduated hundreds of students with the Leadership Studies minor.  This minor consists of 24 credit hours spread throughout a three or four year undergraduate experience.  While the first two years have an intensive cohort experience with a required first year living component, the remainder of the degree is designed to support any major or career interest a PLP student has.  This program leads to a 24 credit hour minor in Leadership Studies.  PLP courses are taught by faculty members who have expertise in various topics of leadership studies and application.  Additionally, students participate in retreats and workshops to develop their own leadership skills and potential through personal inventories, questionnaires and assessments.

Year 1

  • The Leadership Process (Fall, 2 credits)
  • Self as Leader (Winter, 2 credits)
  • Leading Teams (Spring, 2 credits)
  • Serve to Lead/Lead to Serve Program (Year-long service placement)

Year 2

  • Leading Community Change (Fall, 4 credits)
  • Collaborative Leadership: Local Communities (Winter, 2 credits)
  • Collaborative Leadership: Global Communities (Spring, 2 credits)
  • Community Change Initiative (Year-long group service project)

Years 3 & 4

  • Electives: (6 credits, may include electives to support the major, study abroad and internship credits)
  • Capstone: Leadership Ethics (4 credits)
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Freshman Fall Retreat
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