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Leadership Studies Minor


One of the compelling and unique aspects of the Pioneer Leadership Program is its academic minor that students achieve at the end of their 4 years of study.  In a recent study of PLP students, it was reported that they perform at a higher level on the Socially-Responsible Leadership Scale (SRLS) as developed by Dr. Tracy Tyree.  Using the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Astin & Astin, 1996, HERI), this scale measured PLP students as showing statistically significantly higher average mean scores across all seven constructs when compared to a random sample of students of similar institutions. See an outline of the "Seven C's" of the Social Change Model and additional course information below.


Social Change Model's

"Seven C's":

  • Consciousness of Self: Awareness of personal values that motivate for action
  • Congruence: Consistency between values and actions
  • Commitment:  Energy applied to serve and drive collective change
  • Collaboration: Ability to work in a common effort
  • Common Purpose:  Collectively shares values and aims with others
  • Controversy with Civility: Openness and awareness coupled with a willingness to work through difference with respect
  • Citizenship: Understands and acts upon responsibility to larger community

PLP Leadership Studies Minor Course Descriptions

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