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Jason Lundberg, Alumnus

Jason Lundberg

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Graduation Year: Class of 2009

Degrees: BS Accounting, Minor in Leadership Studies, MBA

Places of Employment: Next Great Place and From the Farmer

Hobbies: Cooking, beer, reading blogs, running, learning to program

How has being in PLP contributed to your career development?

My career trajectory has been greatly impacted both by the skills I learned in the classroom and by the people I met outside the classroom as a result of the program. I've honed skills that have allowed me to be a great follower (and leader - although, sometimes followership is more impactful) in the business place - empathy, working with teams, organization, and project management. I've also met people I have had the pleasure to engage with in a variety of capacities - from building companies to quick coffee meetings once a year. I wouldn't be where I am today as a young businessperson in the community without the knowledge and support PLP has provided. 

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman?

Get to know as many people around you as you can - you never know when you'll be faced with a problem down the line and a classmate will be in a position to help you personally or professionally and you'll be thankful you have this network. Always try and give something back to those you meet - even if you're a freshman in college you have something to offer to a mentor who spends thirty minutes with you over coffee - be creative, and most importantly, be thankful. 

What was the best part of being in PLP?

The best part of being in PLP was the friendships I developed and the people today I still consider close in my personal and professional circle - from the faculty of the program, to speakers who came to class, to my peers - PLP became a key component of my DU experience that's lasted well beyond graduation. 

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