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Olin Hall, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate Career Services

Masters Alumni Spotlight - Leanne Milliman

Name: Leanne Milliman
Current Job Title: Patron Services Specialist
Name of Organization: Arapahoe Library District
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts-Communication/Women’s Studies, University of Denver
Graduate Degrees: Master of Library and Information Sciences, University of Denver



What does your current position entail?
My current position entails readers advisory, reference, technology assistance, issue library cards, collect fines, anything and everything to do with a patron’s account, create and maintain displays, check in and shelve materials.

How did you get your current position?
I applied online, interviewed, and received an offer a couple of weeks later. Over 300 applicants had applied for this position.

In relation to graduation, when did you start the job search and when did you secure your position?
I was always looking and keeping an eye on who was hiring, what they were offering and what they were looking for. I graduated in November and started my current position in February. It was only my second interview out of school.

In regards to the job search process:
* Did anything surprise you?
It was a quicker process than I thought it would be. I know people that graduated a year ago and are still looking.

* What recommendations do you have for current students?
Don’t focus so much on the title. Get your foot in the door and prove yourself.

Which aspects of your background have been most helpful in your current position?
Having previous experience in my chosen field, people skills, and a sense of humor never hurts.

If you were in your graduate program again, what would you do differently, if anything?
I’m not sure I would do anything differently. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. It was definitely challenging juggling two jobs and graduate school, but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Any additional comments for current students?
The only failure is in never trying.