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Jobs and Internships

Find the position that is right for you.

Students and alumni have access to several online resources offered through the DU Career Center. To access job and internship opportunities follow these steps:

  1. Visit Pioneer Careers
  2. Create a profile or log in
  3. Select the heading titled Jobs/Internships
  4. Choose a database


  • Job and Internship Database - Find real-time opportunities posted just for DU students and alumni.
  • UCAN Internship Database -  Register to access our 22 school consortium for local, national and international internships.
  • NACELink Network - Access the world's largest network of college and university career centers. This network includes over five million employers and job postings that are targeted directly to the University of Denver.
  • Going Global - Provides country-specific career and employment information, including world-wide internship and jobs postings for over 30 countries.

Versatile PhD

Visit The Versatile PhD, a great new resource for graduate students and alumni interested in exploring non-academic careers. The Versatile PhD is a web-based resource that you can access 24/7. It is convenient and completely confidential. Only registered members may read or post, and you are in control of your profile.

The services include:

  • A thriving and supportive web-based community, allowing you to participate in discussions and network with actual "Versatile PhDs" (Ph.D.s and ABDs outside the academy)
  • A collection of compelling first-person narratives written by Ph.D.s, describing how they established their non-academic careers
  • Successful CV-to-resume conversions that resulted in a Ph.D. or ABD in humanities or social science getting hired into his or her first non-academic position
  • Archived panel discussions where Ph.D.s working in a given non-academic field describe their jobs and answer questions from members. 

Access DU's PhD Career Finder

The PhD Career Finder is only available if you access the Versatile PhD through Pioneer Careers by following these steps:

  • Log in to Pioneer Careers.
  • Scroll down to click the Versatile PhD logo.
  • Register. Versatile PhD will recognize you as a DU student or alumni and you will automatically have access to the PhD Career Finder.
  • After completing this one-time registration process, you will be able to access all areas of Versatile PhD by simply logging in through their site.

  The Versatile PhD