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Creativity & Entrepreneurship


As a student in the Creativity and Entrepreneurship LLC, you will take three, 2-credit-hour academic courses during your first year (one course each quarter). The courses include group-based projects, case studies, workshops, field trips, and design projects, along with readings and guest speakers. Through these experiences and projects, students will learn about the many challenges and rewards of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and design thinking.

Over the course of the academic year, each quarter focuses on a specific element of building student understanding, self-efficacy, and capacity for action. Community mentors, offsite retreats, and other resources are provided to give students the tools they need to accomplish their goal.  This program emphasizes process and perseverance, and fosters divergent thinking and student-driven content as well as open source creation.  Coursework evolves with student interests and adapts to the needs of the group, reflecting the nature of learning as an unpredictable series of events.

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Fall Quarter: MIndsets and Theory

The creativity and entrepreneurship course is not about teaching students how to be creative or entrepreneurial.  We do not use textbooks or give lecture-based instruction.  Instead, creativity and entrepreneurship are ideas and skills that must be experienced in order to gain an understanding of what they look like and mean.

While all three quarters are embedded with experiential learning, the fall quarter focuses on developing mindsets and providing theories of creativity and design thinking. This happens through various activities, which may involve playing games, participating in improv, and practicing the design thinking process.

winter Quarter: Making and Processes

During winter quarter, students continue gaining new skills and being exposed to new facets of creativity and entrepreneurship.  The course focuses on a variety of important themes including topics such as social entrepreneurship, game design, aesthetics, contemporary art, and electronic and computer programming.  

spring Quarter: Taking action

Spring quarter is about action.  Students work in teams to collaborate, share skills, and problem solve a particular design challenge that exists in the local community, either at the University of Denver or within the surrounding city.  Using design thinking, which is rooted in human-centered issues, and other skills from fall and spring quarters, students are tasked with developing a real-world solution that adds value or makes a positive difference.