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Division of Marketing & Communications

Web Content Strategy Toolkit

From "What Content Strategy Really Means for Higher Ed"
Presented by Kate Johnson at HighEdWeb, Oct. 24, 2011

Project kickoff questionnaire (DOC)
A form we ask site owners to fill out every time we begin a new site build or redevelopment. 

Content/IA questions (PDF)
A series of questions we go through with clients to inform our IA and content processes. 

Sample content inventory (XLS)
A spreadsheet for tracking content and workflow information for all the pages on a website.

Page content template (DOC)
A format for writing Web pages, to ensure all the required content elements are created for each page.

Writing for the Web presentation
A YouTube video of a presentation on how to write for the Web. 

Web style guide (PDF)
Style rules designed specifically for Web content.

Content model—Faculty biographies (PDF)
A model for building consistent faculty profiles across academic units. 

Content model—Degree program descriptions (PDF)
A model for writing consistent degree program description pages across academic units.