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Social Media

Use Policy

This policy (also available as a PDF) applies to University of Denver employees—representing DU or its programs in an official capacity—who create or contribute to blogs, wikis, social networks or any other kind of social media (both on and off

Your online persona, and the content you publish, should be consistent with the University of Denver's values, brand guidelines, social media guidelines, policies and professional standards.

  1. Public communications concerning the University of Denver, faculty, staff and all employees of the University and any other affiliates of the University of Denver must follow University of Denver policies. Accordingly, employee complaints regarding alleged discrimination, unlawful harassment, or safety issues should be made consistent with the complaint procedures in the employee handbook.
  2. Social media communications are individual interactions, not organizational communications, unless managing a University’s sponsored site in an official capacity. Employees can be held personally liable for their posts. For this reason employees should use common sense and exercise caution with regards to exaggeration, obscenity, guesswork, copyrighted materials, legal conclusions and derogatory remarks or characterizations.
  3. If you discuss work-­‐related matters online that are within your of job responsibility, must disclose your affiliation with the University.
  4. You may not disclose any sensitive, proprietary, confidential, legal or financial information about the University or individuals affiliated with the University. You may not disclose information protected under FERPA, HIPAA, or other laws or regulations.
  5. While you may respectfully disagree with the University actions, policies or leadership decisions, you may not attack personally or post material that is obscene, defamatory, discriminatory, harassing, libelous or threatening with regard to the University, employees of the University or any affiliates of the University.
  6. All University of Denver social media accounts must be registered with Division of Marketing & Communications and follow University of Denver brand guidelines.

Have questions?

Please consult with Human Resources if you have any questions about the appropriateness of publishing information relating to the University, its faculty, staff or any affiliates.