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Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy

Marsico Institute

Connecting children, families and teachers with the best in early childhood research.

The Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy (MIELL), which is part of the Morgridge College of Education, is a research and social policy institute dedicated to improving learning environments and outcomes for children, birth to age 8.

At the Marsico Institute, we identify the best in early learning research, practice, and policy, and we deliver that information "just in time" to academics, practitioners, policymakers, and parents: the people who can create and implement changes to improve the lives of young children. We focus on early childhood because more than 93% of brain development occurs before the age of five. The quality of relationships and learning opportunities that young children experience can set the stage for what they will be able to accomplish throughout the rest of their lifetimes.

Featured Resources

Featured Resource: A

Dr. Douglas Clements was recently the keynote speaker at the National Council for Curriculum and Assesment conference in Ireland to speak about his research and Building Blocks program.



Featured Resource: B

Assessing the effects of the TRIAD Math Intervention for preschoolers. Technology-enhanced, Research-based, Instruction, Assessment, and professional Development (TRIAD) is a math intervention for preschoolers that combines a curriculum, a software-based teaching tool, and in-person teacher professional development. This study randomly assigned 42 schools to implement TRIAD or to not implement TRIAD, and the study found that the TRIAD intervention had positive effects on student math performance. The study meets WWC group design standards with reservations because it demonstrates baseline equivalence but has unknown levels of study attrition. Read more.


C Block


about the latest research (conducted with Drs. Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama on their Building Blocks curriculum) to understand what makes quality education successful and scalable.