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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

From cellular structure and function to ecosystem dynamics

  • Research and Discovery -  Undergraduate and Graduate students work side-by-side with a faculty who are committed to both teaching and scholarship.
  • Seven undergraduate majors and one specialty concentration - Biological Sciences (BS or BA), Molecular Biology (BS or BA), Ecology & Biodiversity (BS or BA) and Integrated Sciences (BA). These options reflect the diverse applications and career opportunities in the life sciences.
  • Pre-Professional tracks - Undergraduates can follow sequences of required and recommended courses to prepare them for medical, dental, nursing, physicians assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy and veterinary schools.
  • M S and PhD programs - Graduate students conduct original research in Cell & Molecular Biology or Ecology & Evolution.


The Department mourns the passing of Professor Emeritus, Dr. Jim Platt

2016 graduate, Angus Kitchell, on why he chose DU and an ecology degree...

Congratulations to student and faculty Award Winners for 2015-2016!

Dr. Jim Fogleman combines passions for teaching and diving.  More...

Seminars - SUMMER Quarter 2016

Wednesday, June 8 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Fast Endophilin-mediated endocytosis (FEME) initiation by BAR domain protiens" - Emmanuel Boucrot, Department of Structural and Molecular Biology, University College London

Thursday, July 7 at 10:00am in Olin 205 - "Panmixia across the range of the assortatively mating Lesser Snow Goose" - Brent Horowitz, MS candidate, Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Denver

Friday, July 8 at 10:00am in Olin 205 - "The neuroprotective and therapeutic effects of anthocyanins and their metabolites in vitro and in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" - Aimee Winter, PhD candidate, Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Denver

Monday, July 11 at 10:00am in Olin 205 - "Neuroprotection Comparison of Different Nutraceutical Compounds Against Mechanistically Distinct Cell Death Inducing Agents" - Faten Taram, PhD candidate, Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Denver

Tuesday, July 12 at 10:00am in Olin 205 - "The Role of p38 MAPK on Protien Homeostasis and Aging" - Sarah Ryan, PhD candidate, Molecular & Cellular Biophysics, University of Denver

Monday, July 18 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Shared Knee Injuries involving Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears in Young Female Athletes" - Shayla Shell , PSM Candidate, Na tural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Denver