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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

From cellular structure and function to ecosystem dynamics

  • Research and Discovery -  Undergraduate and Graduate students work side-by-side with a faculty who are committed to both teaching and scholarship.
  • Seven undergraduate majors and one specialty concentration - Biological Sciences (BS or BA), Molecular Biology (BS or BA), Ecology & Biodiversity (BS or BA) and Integrated Sciences (BA). These options reflect the diverse applications and career opportunities in the life sciences.
  • Pre-Professional tracks - Undergraduates can follow sequences of required and recommended courses to prepare them for medical, dental, nursing, physicians assistant, physical therapy, pharmacy and veterinary schools.
  • M S and PhD programs - Graduate students conduct original research in Cell & Molecular Biology or Ecology & Evolution.

advising for spring 2017

  • Biology majors -  meet with your assigned major advisors January 23-February 10 for advising and to have your PIN unlocked for registration.  Registration for Spring Quarter is February 10-16.  
  • If you do not know who your assigned advisor is or have any other advising questions, please send an email inquiry to
  • Biology minors - you will need to go to the biology office at your registration time to get an over-ride in order register for BIOL 1010 and any upper level biology courses.
  • For Pre-Health advising go to the PPAH web page.


DU Biological Sciences partners with a Swedish university to offer 5 year Bachelors + Masters program for biology majors

Seminars - WINTER Quarter 2017


Friday, January 6 at 12:00pm in Boettcher West 124 - "Learn and Help Learn: Cooperative Peer Learning Opportunities in the Classroom" - Nancy Sasaki, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Denver - Teaching Professional Promotion Seminar

Friday, January 6 at 1:00pm in Boettcher West 124 - "A Case Study approach to teaching critical reasoning and problem-solving skills in addition to scientific content" - Nancy Lorenzon, PhD, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Denver - Teaching Professional Promotion Seminar

Monday, January 9 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Helping Students Become Active Learners" - Julie Morris , PhD, Department of Biological Sciences , University of Denver - Teaching Professional Promotion Seminar

Monday, January 31 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Vesicular Transport in Health and Disease: Finding Detours Around Traffic Jams" - Derek Prosser, PhD, Department of Biology, Johns Hopkins University

Thursday, February 2 at 4:00pm in OLIN 205 - "Revealing Mechanisms controlling the dynamic assembly of contractile machines" - Jordan Beach, PhD, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health

Monday, February 6 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Lysosome Plasticity in Health and Disease"- Alyssa Johnson, PhD, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of California, San Francisco

Monday, February 13 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "The Molecular Motors that Mediate Transport in Neurons" - Marvin Bentley, PhD, Jungers Center for Neurosciences Research, Oregon Health & Science University

Monday, February 20 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Unparalleled Insight from Extreme Model Systems: snakes illustrate mechanisms of innovation, speciation and regeneration" - Todd Castoe, PhD, Department of Biology, University of Texas, Arlington

Thursday, February 23 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "The Evolution of Reproductive Barriers in the Early Stages of Speciation" - Erica Larson, PhD, Department of Biology, University of Montana, Miss oula

Monday, February 27 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "Dynamic hybridization: causes and Consequences" - Genevieve Kozak, PhD, Department of Biology, Tufts University

Wednesday, March 8 at 4:00pm in Olin 105 - "The Genetic Features of Repeated Floral Evolution in Penstemon" - Carolyn Wessinger, PhD, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Kansas