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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Minors

Minor in Biological Sciences

Requires a minimum of 20 hours of BIOLOGY course work including:

  • BIOL 1010/1020 (offered in Spring term) and BIOL 1011/1021 (offered in Winter term)
  • 10 qtr hours of BIOL 2xxx or BIOL 3xxx coursework

*NOTE:  If you intend this minor to also cover the SI-NATS requirement, you must take a 3rd course with a lab, in addition to BIOL 1010/1020 and BIOL 1011/1021.  You would need to take at least one of the following as this 3rd course:

  • BIOL 2120/2121  Cell Structure & Function
  • BIOL 2510/2511  General Genetics
  • BIOL 2010/2011  General Ecology
  • BIOL 2050/2051  Conservation Biology
  • BIOL 3250  Human Physiology


Concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience for Psychology Majors

(This gives you BOTH a Biological Sciences minor and the cognitive neuroscience concentration)

Requires the following biology courses:

  • BIOL 1010/1020 (offered in Spring term) and BIOL 1011/1021 (offered in Winter term)
  • BIOL 2120/2121 (offered in Fall and summer terms and is a prerequisite for the 3000 level courses below)
  • BIOL 3645 (offered in Winter and Spring terms - should be taken in last year, i.e. after taking some of the neuroscience courses below.)

Requires ANY 2 of the following neuroscience courses:

  • BIOL 3640  Introduction to Neurobiology (next offered Winter 2016)
  • BIOL 3642  Neuropharmacology (offered in Fall term)
  • BIOL 3641  Systems Neurosciences (offered in Spring term)
  • BIOL 3650  Endocrinology (offered in Winter term and in Spring 2016)
  • BIOL 3644  Neuromuscular Pathophysiology (offered in alternate Winter terms)
  • BIOL 3160  Biophysics:  Ion Channels and Disease (offered in alternate Winter terms)


See detailed requirements in the undergraduate bulletin: