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Jim Fogleman

Jim Fogleman

Office:  SG Mudd 205

Office Phone: (303) 871-3475

Lab Phone: (303) 871-3561


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  • 1972 B.S., Biology - University of New Mexico - Albuquerque, NM
  • 1974 M.S., Zoology - Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO
  • 1979 Ph.D., Genetics - Cornell University - Ithaca, NY

Research Interests

ALS is known to have both sporatic and familial forms. Mutations in the copper-zinc superoxide dismutase gene (SOD1) account for 10 to 20 percent of the inherited ALS. Over 100 different mutations in the SOD1 gene can cause ALS in humans and at least 8 of these have been shown to produce an ALS-like phenotype when expressed in transgenic mice. Dr. Kunst previously found that one of these mutants, murine G86R (mG86R) SOD1, is highly dependent upon the strain background. Depending on the background, onset of ALS due to this SOD1 mutation can vary from an average of 103 days to 211 days. Dr. Kunst and her research group have isolated several modifier genes, which reflect the differences in the genetic background of certain mouse strains and are characterizing their genetic location, expression, and impact on ALS onset. Identification of modifier genes and characterization and their mechanism(s) of action may lead to as yet unidentified targets of pharmacological intervention for ALS. This research is funded by NIH grant 5RO1NS41646-8.

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