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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry

News & Highlights

This is an exciting time for our Department.   In the past seven years many inspiring new faculty members have joined the Department. Drs. Margittai, Pegan, and Knowles have expertise in biochemistry ranging from conformations of the disease-related tau protein, to the structure of viruses and search for inhibitors, and mechanisms of membrane-bound proteins.   Dr. Cowen is an organic chemist with in drug discovery, and catalysis.   Drs. Huffman and Majestic are environmental analytical chemists with interests in tracing sources of environmental pollutants and atmospheric aerosols. 

We congratulate Dr. Margittai on his promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure and appointment to a three-year term as Weller Associate Professor.

Despite the stringencies of federal funding, we are very proud that most of our tenured and tenure-track faculty members currently have external funding for their research.   We are especially proud of the successes of our junior faculty members in getting external funding to initiate their research at this time when competition for grants is so strong.

For several years the Department has been developing a major in environmental chemistry. The addition of two environmental chemists to our staff means that beginning in 2013 - 2014 we are able to offer every year the full 3-quarter sequence in environmental chemistry that is the core of this new major.

Enrollments in the courses offered by the Department are booming and our numbers of majors are increasing. We are making substantial changes in our courses to enhance student learning opportunities.

We are continuing the long tradition of chemists serving as DU administrators. On July 1, 2012, Andrei Kutateladze became Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.   We are grateful for his wise leadership.