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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Geography & the Environment

Faculty & Staff

Geography & the Environment

Faculty & Staff


  • E. Eric Boschmann
    Assistant Professor. Urban Geography, Accessibility, Mixed Methods, Economic Geography.
  • J. Michael Daniels
    Associate Professor. Geomorphology, Environmental Change, Soils, Hydrology.
  • Russell T. Fielding

    Lecturer and Internship Program Director. Cultural and Environmental Geography, Sustainability and Natural Resources, Human Ecology, Tourism, GIS.

  • Andrew R. Goetz
    Professor and Chair. Transportation, Urban Geography and Planning, Economic Geography.
  • Hillary B. Hamann
    Senior Lecturer. Physical Geography, Water Resources, Conservation.
  • Steven R. Hick
    Lecturer. Geographic Information Science, Project Management, Cartography, Crime Mapping & Analysis.
  • Michael J. Keables
    Associate Professor. Climatology, Water Resources, Climate Variability.
  • Michael W. Kerwin
    Associate Professor. Quaternary Geology, Dendroclimatology.
  • Jing Li
    Assistant Professor. 3D/4D Geovisualization and Visual Analytics, Spatial Temporal Modeling and Analysis, Web-based Geographic Information Science (GISc), High Performance Geocomputation, Spatial Cloud Computing.
  • Rebecca L. Powell
    Assistant Professor. Human-Environment Interaction, Remote Sensing, Statistics, Land Use/Land Cover Change, Geographic Information Science (GISc).
  • Donald G. Sullivan
    Associate Professor. Quaternary Studies, Biogeography, Environmental Change.
  • Paul C. Sutton
    Professor. Geographic Information Science (GISc), Ecological Economic, Human-Environment Interactions, Population Geography.
  • Matthew J. Taylor
    Associate Professor. Cultural Geography, Latin America Geography.
  • Erika N. Trigoso
    Lecturer. Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change, Geographic Information Science, Latin America.


Adjunct Faculty

  • Joseph K. Berry
    Geographic Information Systems, Geospatial Technology, Spatial Analysis, Spatial Data Mining, Multimedia Mapping, Map Visualization, Precision Agriculture, Geo-Business.
  • Maria Caffrey
    Paleoclimatology, Meteorology, Future Anthropogenic Climate Change.
  • Andrea Gelfuso
    Environmental Law, Environmental Policy.
  • Reuben F. Miller
    U.S. Geological Survey, Denver (retired). Soils and Hydrology.
  • Michelle J. Moran-Taylor
    Gender and International Migration.
  • Martha A. Narey
    Dendroclimatology, Drought Climatology, Climate History, Paleoenvironments, Vegetation Change, Rural Land Use, American Indians.
  • Sean Tierney
    Economic Geography, Energy, Transportation.

Emeritus Faculty