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Courses & Advising

Courses & Advising

Math 1150 Foundations Seminars

The MATH 1150 Math Foundations Seminars offer challenging and interesting mathematical topics with a computer science component that requires only high school mathematics. The seminar topics vary with each class and they are designed for all students.

Winter 2015

MATH 1150 Math Foundations Seminar
Title: The Heart of Mathematics
CRN 2330, 30 students, Meets TR (10-11:50AM) in MRH 006
Instructor: Kelly Flaherty

In this course we will consider some great mathematical ideas comparable to the works of Shakespeare, Plato and Michelangelo. We will use powerful methods of analysis, reasoning and thought that will help us to appreciate the beauty of mathematics and discover the power of mathematical thinking.

MATH 1150 Math Foundations Seminar
Title: Random Walks on Networks
CRN 4421, 30 students, Meets TR (10-11:50AM) in Sturm 124
Instructor: Florian Sobieczky
In this course a certain class of mathematical objects are studied which appear in every-day life with increasing frequency: social networks, traffic networks, computer networks, electrical networks, etc.  Many examples of such structures come to mind (the internet, Facebook, the public transport traffic-network, the electrical power-lines, ...). All of them share the common characteristic of being defined in a discrete way: by nodes and links. Furthermore, all of them have the property that transport-related properties (corresponding to bytes, tweeds, electrons, or light-rail trains etc.) are linked to so called Random Walks.

The mathematics of discovering the geometrical and combinatorical properties of such networks is introduced, and applications (including `apps' and computer programs) will be discussed. In a very hands-on approach, the student will acquire the knowledge to model and analyze a network with the appropriate mathematical and computational tools.

Previously offered seminars

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  • Cryptography (Arias, Curran, Vojtechovsky)
  • Games and Logic (Galatos)
  • Graph Theory (Zenk)
  • Graph Theory in the Real World (Locke, Reiber)
  • Great Ideas in Mathematics (Trujillo)
  • Heart of Mathematics (Pula, Griesmer, Flaherty)
  • Intro to Random Walks on Graphs (Sobieczky)
  • Logic and Games (Galatos)
  • Mathematical Art (Gudder)
  • Mathematics for Decision Making (Ormes)
  • Mathematics in Art and Music (Dobrinen)
  • Mathematics of Chance (Latremoliere)
  • Mathematics of Chance and Gambling (Arias)
  • Mathematics of Gambling (Arias, Gudder, Hagler)
  • Mathematics of Games (Pavlov)
  • Mathematics of Politics (Hagler)
  • Mathematics of Voting (Hagler)
  • Models of Computing (Ball)
  • Non-Classical Logics (Galatos)
  • Patterns and Symmetry (Ormes)
  • Perspectives in Art (Dobrinen)
  • Pi: The Story of a Number (Kinyon)
  • Random Walks on Networks (Sobieczky)
  • The Geometry of the Universe (Latremoliere)
  • Thinking Machines (Ball)