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Courses & Advising

Courses & Advising

Math Proficiency Survey

The Department of Mathematics administers an online Math Proficiency Survey to each incoming class. The survey is intended to provide the university with information regarding the general level of basic mathematical skills of incoming students and to make recommendations to individual students regarding the appropriate math class in which they might best enroll. There is no pass or fail associated with the survey and it should not be considered a placement test. The survey consists of 20 questions in algebra and will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Students who will be transferring in course or AP credits for Calculus I-equivalent or higher mathematics coursework do not need to take the survey, however, their participation is appreciated.

Click on the following link to open the Fall 2016 Math Proficiency Survey.

If you have a question about the Math Proficiency Survey, you will likely be able to find the answer by following this link: Frequently Asked Questions.

Please use this document to interpret individual results of the Math Proficiency Survey and to see recommended math courses.