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News & Events


April 2014: Michael Kinyon is a main speaker at the Workshop on The Notion of Proof, Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, Coimbra, Portugal, July 7-14, and a plenary speaker at the Conference on Computational Algebra, Center for Algebra at the University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, July 21–23.

April 2014: Mathematician is the top rated job for 2014.

April 2014: The demolition of John Greene Hall is underway.

March 2014: Natasha Dobrinen received a $10,200 NSF grant and a $3,000 DU sesquicentennial grant to organize a conference on infinitary Ramsey theory.

March 2014: Nic Ormes and Ronnie Pavlov received a $25k NSF grant to organize the 2014 Pingree Park Dynamical Systems School

March 2014: The new Math Club for undergraduate students organized by Florian Sobieczky meets once per month.

March 2014: The department is fully operational in its new location, Aspen Hall Middle. Come to visit us!

March 2014: Michael Kinyon and Petr Vojtechovsky are main speakers at the Algebra and Clones conference, Prague, Czech Republic, June 30-July 3, 2014.

March 2014: Frank Schroeck is a main speaker at the Biennial IQSA Conference Quantum Structures 2014, Olomouc, Czech Republic, June 23-27, 2014.

December 2013: The department is moving from John Greene Hall and will reopen in Aspen Hall on December 7.

October 2013: We have welcomed a number of new majors and graduate students this Fall. There are now about 90 math majors and 25 graduate students at the department.


We publish the Mathematics Alumni Newsletter twice a year. Contributions are welcome and can be submitted to Jason Myers.

Current and past newsletters can be found here.


When classes are in session, we meet in the lounge of John Greene Hall every Friday at 3 p.m. for a departmental tea. Everybody is welcome. Refreshments are served.

Although we sometimes end up talking about mathematics, the tea is usually a good opportunity to have an informal chat with the students, faculty, staff and guests.