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Preprint Series

This preprint series was started in October 2003. It consists of papers submitted to refereed journals, written by the faculty or students of the Department of Mathematics.

The most recent five years of preprints are listed below. A complete list of all preprints since 2003 is available here.

To download a preprint click on the preprint number. All files are in pdf format.

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Copyright notice: The below documents are included by the contributing authors as a means to ensure timely dissemination of scholarly and technical work only on a non commercial basis. Copyright and all rights therein are maintained by the authors or by other copyright holders, notwithstanding that they have offered their works here electronically. These works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.



M15/11  Curved noncommutative tori as Leibniz quantum compact metric spaces
Frédéric Latrémolière
M15/10  Curvature and Quantum Mechanics on Covariant Causal Sets
Stan Gudder
M15/09  Inflation and Dirac in the Causal Set Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M15/08  Half-isomorphisms of Moufang loops
Michael Kinyon, Izabella Stuhl and Petr Vojtěchovský
M15/07  A Survey of the Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Frédéric Latrémolière
M15/06  The Structure of the Kac-Wang-Yan Algebra
Andy Linshaw
M15/05  Three lectures on automorphic loops
Petr Vojtěchovský
M15/04  Continuous and other finitely generated canonical cofinal maps on ultrafilters
Natasha Dobrinen
M15/03  Emergence of Four Dimensions in the Causal Set Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M15/02  Automorphic loops arising from module endomorphisms
Alexandr Grishkov, Marina Rasskazova and Petr Vojtěchovský
M15/01  A Compactness Theorem for The Dual Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Frédéric Latrémolière



M14/35  Twisted chiral De Rham complex, generalized geometry, and T-duality
Andrew Linshaw and Varghese Mathai
M14/34  Cosets of affine vertex algebras inside larger structures
Thomas Creutzig and Andrew R. Linshaw
M14/33  Orbifolds of symplectic fermion algebras
Thomas Creutzig and Andrew R. Linshaw
M14/32  Quantum mechanics on phase space and teleportation
Juba Messamah, Franklin E. Schroeck, Jr., Mahmoud Hachemane, Abdallah Smida and Amel H. Hamici
M14/31  Asymptotic Quantization of Exponential Random Graphs
Mei Yin, Alessandro Rinaldo, and Sukhada Fadnavis
M14/30  On the Asymptotics of Constrained Exponential Random Graphs
Richard Kenyon and Mei Yin
M14/29  Asymptotics for Sparse Exponential Random Graph Models
Mei Yin and Lingjiong Zhu
M14/28  Reciprocity in Directed Networks
Mei Yin and Lingjiong Zhu
M14/27  Large Deviations and Exact Asymptotics for Constrained Exponential Random Graphs
Mei Yin
M14/26  A reduced informationally complete set in the C*-algebra generated by phase space fuzzy localization operators
Lisa A. Korf and Franklin E. Schroeck, Jr.
M14/25  The massive coherent states of the Poincare group and fuzzy quantization of space-time
Franklin E. Schroeck, Jr. and Paul DesRoche
M14/24  Uniformly Recurrent Sequences and Minimal Cantor Sets
Lori Alvin
M14/23  Minimal Cantor Omega-Limit Sets
Lori Alvin and Nic Ormes
M14/22  Rainbow Ramsey Simple Structures
Natasha Dobrinen, Claude Laflamme, and Norbert Sauer
M14/21  Explicit Constructions of Equivalence Bimodules for Noncommutative Solenoids
Frédéric Latrémolière and Judith Packer
M14/20  An Isometric Dynamics For A Causal Set Approach To Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M14/19  Connected quandles and transitive groups
Alexander Hulpke, David Stanovsky and Petr Vojtěchovský
M14/18  Topological Ramsey Spaces and Metrically Baire Sets
Natasha Dobrinen and Jose G. Mijares
M14/17  Idempotent residuated structures: Some category equivalences and their applications
N. Galatos and J.G. Raftery
M14/16  Topographic Gromov-Hausdorff Quantum Hypertopology for Quantum Proper Metric Spaces
Frédéric Latrémolière
M14/15  Spectra of Tukey Types of Ultrafilters on Boolean Algebras
Jennifer Brown and Natasha Dobrinen
M14/14  High dimensional Ellentuck spaces and initial chains in the Tukey structure of non-P-points
Natasha Dobrinen
M14/13  Automorphisms of dihedral-like automorphic loops
Mouna Aboras and Petr Vojtěchovský
M14/12  The Universe as a Quantum Computer
Stan Gudder
M14/11  The Triangle Inequality and the Dual Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Frédéric Latrémolière
M14/10  Labeled Causets in Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M14/09  Elementary Particles and the Causet Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M14/08  A Unified Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M14/07  Dihedral-like constructions of automorphic loops
Mouna Aboras
M14/06  Scalable Attribute-based Group Key Establishment: from Passive to Active and Deniable
Rainer Steinwandt and Adriana Suarez Corona
M14/05  Convergence of the Fuzzy Tori and Quantum Tori for the Quantum Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity: an explicit approach
Frédéric Latrémolière
M14/04  Abelian extensions and solvable loops
David Stanovsky and Petr Vojtěchovský
M14/03  Selective but not Ramsey
Timothy Trujillo
M14/02  Ramsey for R1 ultrafilter mappings and their Dedekind cuts
Timothy Trujillo
M14/01  Topological Ramsey Spaces From Fraisse Classes, Ramsey-Classification Theorems, And Initial Structures In The Tukey Types Of P-Points
Natasha Dobrinen, Jose Mijares, and Timothy Trujillo



M13/15  Extender sets and multidimensional subshifts
Nic Ormes and Ronnie Pavlov
M13/14  An integral representation for topological pressure in terms of conditional probabilities
Brian Marcus and Ronnie Pavlov
M13/13  Amenability of horospheric products of uniformly growing trees
Daniel Lenz, Florian Sobieczky and Ivan Veselic
M13/12  Amenability of horocyclic products of percolation trees
Florian Sobieczky
M13/11  A Covariant Causal Set Approach to Discrete Quantum Gravity
Stan Gudder
M13/10  The Dual Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Frédéric Latrémolière
M13/09  The Quantum Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
Frédéric Latrémolière
M13/08  Noncommutative Solenoids and their projective moduless
Frédéric Latrémolière and Judith Packer
M13/07  Survey on the Tukey Theory of Ultrafilters
Natasha Dobrinen
M13/06  The next best thing to a P-point
Andreas Blass, Natasha Dobrinen, and Dilip Raghavan
M13/05  An approach to discrete quantum gravity
Stan Gudder
M13/04  Why must we work in the phase space?
J. J. Slawianowski, F. E. Schroeck, Jr. and A. Martens
M13/03  Compatibility for probabilistic theories
Stan Gudder
M13/02  Solid state physics from the mathematicians' point of view
G. Ali, R. Beneduci, G. Mascali, F. E. Schroeck, Jr., J. J. Slawianowskii
M13/01  A dynamics for discrete quantum gravity
Stan Gudder



M12/22  Entropies realizable by block gluing shifts of finite type
Michael Schraudner and Ronnie Pavlov
M12/21  Computing bounds for entropy of stationary Z^d Markov random fields
Brian Marcus and Ronnie Pavlov
M12/20  A characterization of topologically completely positive entropy for shifts of finite type
Ronnie Pavlov
M12/19  Shifts of finite type with nearly full entropy
Ronnie Pavlov
M12/18  Entropy and measures of maximal entropy for axial powers of subshifts
Tom Meyerovitch and Ronnie Pavlov
M12/17  A note on the relationship between localization and norm-1 property
R. Beneduci and F. E. Schroeck Jr.
M12/16  Quantum locally compact metric spaces
Frédéric Latrémolière
M12/15  The structure of automorphic loops
Michael K. Kinyon, Kenneth Kunen, J.D. Phillips and Petr Vojtěchovský
M12/14  Commutator theory for loops
David Stanovsky and Petr Vojtěchovský
M12/13  The causal poset is directed but not lattice ordered
S. Gudder
M12/12  Multiplication groups and inner mapping groups of Cayley-Dickson loops
Jenya Kirshtein
M12/11  Torsors and ternary Moufang loops arising in projective geometry
Wolfgang Bertram and Michael Kinyon
M12/10  A class of loops categorically isomorphic to uniquely 2-divisible Bruck loops
Mark Greer
M12/09  A new class of Ramsey-classification theorems and their applications in the Tukey theory of ultrafilters, Part 2
Natasha Dobrinen and Stevo Todorcevic
M12/08  Causal set approach to discrete quantum gravity
Stan Gudder
M12/07  An Einstein equation for discrete quantum gravity
Stan Gudder
M12/06  A matter of matter and antimatter
Stan Gudder
M12/05  Pseudoautomorphisms of Bruck loops and their generalizations
Mark Greer and Michael Kinyon
M12/04  The free commutative automorphic 2-generated loop of nilpotency class 3
Dylene Agda Souza de Barros, Alexander Grishkov and Petr Vojtěchovský
M12/03  Classification of noncommutative domain algebras
Alvaro Arias and Frédéric Latrémolière
M12/02  Loops with abelian inner mapping groups: An application of automated deduction
Michael Kinyon, Robert Veroff and Petr Vojtěchovský
M12/01  Categorical skew lattices
Michael Kinyon and Jonathan Leech



M11/28  One dimensional Markov random fields, Markov chains and topological Markov fields
Nishant Chandgotia, Guangyue Han, Brian Marcus, Tom Meyerovitch and Ronnie Pavlov
M11/27  A class of nonsofic multidimensional shift spaces
Ronnie Pavlov
M11/26  Relation algebras as expanded FL-algebras
Nikolaos Galatos and P. Jipsen
M11/25  Periodic lattice-ordered pregroups are distributive
Nikolaos Galatos and Peter Jipsen
M11/24  A category equivalence for odd Sugihara monoids and its applications
N. Galatos and J.G. Raftery
M11/23  Cayley's and Holland's Theorems for idempotent semirings and their applications to residuated lattices
Nikolaos Galatos and Rostislav Horcik
M11/22  A characterization of adequate semigroups by forbidden subsemigroups
Joao Araujo, Michael Kinyon and Antonio Malheiro
M11/21  Solvability of commutative automorphic loops
Alexandr Grishkov, Michael Kinyon and Gabor Nagy
M11/20  A new class of Ramsey-classification theorems and their application in the Tukey theory of ultrafilters, Part 1
Natasha Dobrinen and Stevo Todorcevic
M11/19  Noncommutative solenoids
Frédéric Latrémolière and Judith Packer
M11/18  The P-frame reflection of a completely regular frame
Richard N. Ball, Joanne Walters-Wayland and Eric Zenk
M11/17  Distributivity of the normal completion, and its Priestley representation
Richard N. Ball and Aleš Pultr
M11/16  Discrete quantum gravity is not isometric
S. Gudder
M11/15  Models for discrete quantum gravity
S. Gudder
M11/14  Discrete quantum gravity
S. Gudder
M11/13  Probability in the formalism of quantum mechanics on phase space
Franklin E. Schoeck, Jr.
M11/12  An interactive framework for spatial joins: A statistical approach to data analysis in GIS
Shayma Alkobaisi, Wan D. Bae, Sada Narayanappa and Petr Vojtěchovský
M11/11  Ken Kunen: Algebraist
Michael Kinyon
M11/10  Discrete quantum processes
S. Gudder
M11/09  Quantum measures and integrals
S. Gudder
M11/08  Two-site quantum random walk
S. Gudder and Rafael D. Sorkin
M11/07  Incidence properties of cosets in loops
Michael Kinyon, Kyle Pula and Petr Vojtěchovský
M11/06  Copies of c0(Γ) in C(K,X) spaces
Eloi Medina Galego and James N. Hagler
M11/05  Closest multiplication tables of groups
Petr Vojtěchovský and Ian M. Wanless
M11/04  Loops with exponent three in all isotopes
Michael Kinyon and Ian M. Wanless
M11/03  Automorphism groups of real Cayley-Dickson loops
Jenya Kirshtein
M11/02  Non-extendible Latin cuboids
Darryn Bryant, Nicholas J. Cavenagh, Barbara Maenhaut, Kyle Pula and Ian M. Wanless
M11/01  Cycle structure of autotopisms of quasigroups and Latin squares
Douglas S. Stones, Petr Vojtěchovský and Ian M. Wanless