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This is a list of recent and future talks at all faculty-organized seminars currently running at the department. Click on the provided links to see older talks.

You might also be interested in the student-only seminar organized by our graduate students and the monthly Math Club for undergraduate students.

Algebra & logic seminar (Aspen Central 018 - Basement, F 9-10a, A. Linshaw)

Apr 24 Wesley Fussner
Apr 10 Fedor Malikov (University of Southern California)
Algebras of chiral differential operators in the language of Beilinson and Drinfeld
Apr 3 Amanda Schaeffer Fry (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Local-Global Conjectures, Character Tables, and Self-Normalizing Sylow Subgroups
Feb 27 Gabor Nagy (University of Szeged)
Finite k-Nets in Projective Planes
Feb 20 Izabella Stuhl
Steiner Loops
Feb 6 Andy Linshaw
T-duality and the twisted chiral de Rham complex
Jan 23 Rick Ball
Pointfree Pointwise Suprema in Unital Archimedean l-Groups
Jan 16 Pedram Hekmati (University of Adelaide)
Categorified Fock Representations
Nov 14 Christopher Sadowski (Ursinus College)
Representations of affine Lie algebras and integer partitions
Nov 7 Michael Penn (Colorado College)
Lattice Vertex Algebras and Principle Subspaces
Oct 31 Ian Wanless (Monash University)
Matching polynomials and tree-like walks in regular graphs
Oct 17 Rick Ball
The epimorphism game for completely regular frames
Oct 10 Michael Kinyon
Torsors and ternary Moufang loops

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Analysis & dynamics seminar (Aspen Central 018 - Basement, F 10-11a, L. Alvin)

May 29 David Aldous (Berkeley)
May 15, 22 Drew Ash
May 8 Ben Dyhr (Metropolitan State Univ. of Denver)
May 1 Konrad Aguilar
Apr 24 Frederic Latremoliere
Apr 3 Jose Iovino (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Banach Spaces
Mar 27 Judy Kennedy (Lamar University)
Horseshoes in Generalized Inverse Limits
Feb 27 Iddo Ben-Ari (University of Connecticut)
Efficient Coupling for Diffusion with Redistribution
Feb 13, 20 Thomas French
Follower Set Sequences
Feb 6 Konrad Aguilar
Monge-Kantorovich Metric for C*-algebras
Jan 30 Ales Pultr (Charles University)
What is pointfree topology, and what are its advantages
Jan 23 Michael Schraudner (Center for Mathematical Modeling, Santiago, Chile)
A combinatorial characterization of entropy minimality for Z^d shifts of finite type (SFTs) and related results
Jan 9 Florian Sobieczky
Counting almost disconnected components with random walks
Nov 14 Geraldo Soares de Souza (Auburn University)
Historical Account of the Famous Carleson Theorem on Convergence of Fourier Series with a new development
Oct 17, 24, 31 Ronnie Pavlov
Measures of maximal entropy and specification properties for symbolic systems) I-III
Sep 26, Oct 3, 10 Natasha Dobrinen
Introduction to high-dimensional Ellentuck spaces I-III
Sep 19 Codina Cotar (University College London)
Gradient Gibbs measures with disorder

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Graduate colloquium (Aspen Central 018, F 2-3p, P. Horn)

The colloquium is intended for student reports concerning their current research, and for faculty and visitors' lectures on introductory topics. The colloquium is regularly followed by a tea.

Apr 17 Jeff Boersema (Seattle University)
Real C*-algebras and real structures in graph C*-algebras
Apr 3 Michael Kinyon
Automated Deduction and Algebra
Mar 27 Allegra Reiber
Metacognition, Collaboration, and Inquiry to support self-enabled learning in mathematics
Mar 6 Nate Eldredge (University of Northern Colorado)
Geometry and probability on sub-Riemannian manifolds: taking the scenic route
Feb 27 Ronnie Pavlov
An introduction to the theory of percolation
Feb 13 Paul Horn
One day in May
Feb 6 Stan Gudder
The Universe According to Gudder
Jan 30 Konrad Aguilar*
Twisted SU(2) and Noncommutative Metric Geometry
Jan 23 Lori Alvin
Low Dimensional Dynamics: Unimodal Maps and the Quest for Homeomorphisms
Nov 14 Mei Yin
A gentle introduction to exponential random graphs
Nov 7 Adam Purcilly*
Disjunctive Rado Numbers for Two Equations of Different Forms
Oct 31 Natasha Dobrinen
Rainbow Ramsey theorems for bounded colorings of finite subgraphs of the Rado graph
Oct 24 Florian Pfender (CU Denver)
Semidefinite programming in extremal graph theory
Oct 17 Drew Ash*
Topological Speedups
Oct 10 Kate Pearce*
Where Are All the Women in Mathematics?: A Survey of History's Most Influential Women Mathematicians
Sep 26 Stan Gudder
Simple Problems, Surprising Solutions

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Combinatorics (Joint venture with UC Denver. Alternates campuses. F 10a-12p, P. Horn)

Mar 6 Lauren Morey
Faster Rumor Spreading with Multiple Calls
Feb 13 Nate Graber (UC Denver)
K Residue of a Graph
Feb 6 Mike Ferrara (UC Denver)
Problem sets

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Reading seminars

  • Expander Graphs (Aspen Central 018 - Basement, W 10a-12p, P. Horn)
  • Noncommutative Geometry (Aspen Central 721A, M 2pm, F. Latremoliere)
  • The Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics (Aspen Central 724, W 2pm, F. Schroeck)

Teaching Excellence seminar (TBD)


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