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Teaching Excellence Seminar

List of previous talks at the Teaching Excellence Seminar:


 May 31  OTL, Smart Pen Brown Bag (library, 2pm)
 May 24  Alvaro Arias, Piazza, Geogebra and other cool software
 May 24  The hybrid 1200 team, On hybrid 1200
 May 17  Oliver Tillman (McGraw-Hill), ALEKS (tutoring and assessment tool)
 May 3  Allegra Reiber, Hybrid MATH 1150 (Graph Theory)
 April 5  Lisa Korf, Online Education is Here to Stay
 Feb 22  Nic Ormes, GTA training
 Nov 9  Bridget Arend (OTL), Alternative measures of teaching
 Nov 2  Rick Ball, recording lecturers with Camtasia
 Oct 26  Nick Galatos, How to combine various technologies in on-line courses
 Sept 21  Jim Hagler, Mathematica