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Recent PhD Graduates

This is a list of our recent PhD graduates within the past five years together with their thesis title, advisor and current affiliation (if we know it).

A complete list of all our PhD graduates is available here.

Riquelmi Cardona
Thesis: The Finite Embeddability Property for some Noncommutative knotted varieties of RL and DRL
Spring 2015, advisor Nick Galatos

Mouna Aboras
Thesis: Dihedral-like constructions of automorphic loops
Spring 2015, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

Timothy Trujillo
Texas State University San Marcos, lecturer
Thesis: Topological Ramsey spaces, associated ultrafilters, and their applications to the Tukey theory of ultrafilters and Dedekind cuts of nonstandard arithmetic
Spring 2014, advisor Natasha Dobrinen

Mark Greer
University of North Alabama, assistant professor
Thesis: Loops and their permutation groups
Spring 2013, advisor Michael Kinyon

Jenya Kirshtein
C12Energy, scientific software developer
Thesis: Cayley-Dickson loops
Summer 2012, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

Kyle Pula
Department of Defense, applied research mathematician
Thesis: Approximate transversals in latin squares
Spring 2011, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky