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Recent PhD Graduates

This is a list of our recent PhD graduates together with their thesis title, advisor and current affiliation (if we know it).

Mark Greer
University of North Alabama, assistant professor
Thesis: Loops and their permutation groups
Spring 2013, advisor Michael Kinyon

Jenya Kirshtein
C12Energy, scientific software developer
Thesis: Cayley-Dickson loops
Summer 2012, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

Kyle Pula
Department of Defense, applied research mathematician
Thesis: Approximate transversals in latin squares
Spring 2011, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

Jonathan Von Stroh
Department of Defense, applied research mathematician
Thesis: Lifting module maps between different noncommutative domain algebras
Summer 2010, advisor Alvaro Arias

Brett Werner
Thesis: Strong orbit equivalence and residuality
Spring 2010, advisor Nicholas Ormes

Annette Locke
Thesis: Banach spaces on infinitely branching trees
Fall 2009, advisor James Hagler

Daniel Daly
Southeast Missouri State University, assistant professor
Thesis: Permutation patterns, reduced decompositions with few repetitions and the Bruhat order
Spring 2009, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

Aditya Nagrath
Denver Search LLC, owner
Thesis: Scattered lattices, free complete extensions & the introduction of a duality for meet semilattice
Spring 2008, advisor Richard Ball

Sadananda Narayanappa
Thesis: Geometric routing
Summer 2006, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky