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2016 NSM Annual Awards Ceremony (12/2/16)

Congrats to Natasha Dobrinen, Eric Boschmann, Nic Ormes, Mei Yin, and Randi Flageolle! NSM faculty and staff gathered at the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality on December 1 to recognize another year of outstanding accomplishments, while enjoying great food and a live jazz band. Read summaries from the winners' nominations below.

Research Award - Natasha Dobrinen (Mathematics)

Natasha has had a remarkable research year. Her NSF grant was just renewed for another three years, and she spent much of the fall 2015 quarter as an invited fellow at the Isaac Newton Institute at the University of Cambridge. In 2016, she had four papers published, all in top journals. She has two more papers currently accepted, and has submitted another with her postdoc, Dan Hathaway. In addition, Natasha has given nine invited addresses at major conferences in her field over the course of the year. She also serves as a research mentor.

Teaching Award - Eric Boschmann (Geography & the Environment)

Eric devotes tremendous time and talent to being an excellent teacher. Last year he developed a new travel course on the urban geographies of New York City, added a separate graduate student meeting to his urban landscapes course, and created new lab exercises for several geography courses. He receives top scores on his course evaluations, earns repeated praise from students, and is actively involved in advising and mentoring. Students describe him as an effective communicator who is knowledgeable and passionate about the course material.

Faculty Service Award - Nic Ormes (Mathematics)

Nic continues to be a model of how to balance service at all levels, from the departmental to the public. He serves as faculty advisor for the Math Cub and the Mortar Board Society, as chair of the NSM Faculty Committee, and as the Math Department’s Undergraduate Coordinator. He belongs to the NSMentoring Program's advisory group and served on the Academic Diversity Council. Nic is also the local liaison for Math Counts, a middle school math competition hosted at DU. He volunteers at the Julia Robinson Math Festival and coaches the Math Team and Lego Robotics Team at Willow Creek Elementary.

Junior Faculty Award - Mei Yin (Mathematics)

Mei has had an excellent year. Her research continues to be supported by her NSF grant. She has published two papers in excellent journals, has three more accepted, and has one submitted. She gave seven invited presentations at various meetings and colloquia. She is co-PI on a major conference grant. Mei co-sponsors the DU chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics. She sits on the department’s Graduate Committee and Howe Lectureship committee, and serves as a mentor for the NSMentoring Program.

Staff Service Award - Randi Flageolle (Biological Sciences)

Randi is absolutely essential to the functioning of the Department of Biological Sciences. In addition to her many duties to keep one of the largest academic departments on campus operating, she is always willing to help any student, faculty or staff member who walks into the department. From organizing the holiday party and chili cook-off to the pie contest, Randi loves to bring together faculty and students at events where there is always laughter and sharing. Her understanding of how to wrestle information out of Banner as well as out of stubborn faculty is second to none! She is truly the glue which holds the department together.

Phil Danielson (Biological Sciences) on JonBenet Ramsey's DNA tests (11/1/16)

Danielson is one of three forensic experts who recently examined the results of Ramsey’s DNA tests, which are the focus of a new investigative report by Colorado media. More: DU Professor Studies JonBenet Ramsey's DNA Tests (DU Newsroom)

NSM community celebrates Bridge Community Garden (10/20/16)

Students, faculty and staff, and community members gathered in DU's Bridge Community Garden on October 17, a beautiful autumn day, to celebrate the garden's second season. More: Community Garden Harvest Party Marks a Bountiful Year (DU Newsroom)

VIDEO: Sandra Eaton and Gareth Eaton (Chemistry & Biochemistry) on making real-time measurements of oxygen in a living body (10/14/16)

A team of chemists is working to change the way that researchers measure oxygen in a living body. The resulting images of tissue physiology could provide valuable information about medical conditions. More: Real-time measurements of oxygen in a living body (DU Newsroom)

VIDEO: Dan Linseman (Biological Sciences) on traumatic brain injuries (10/13/16)

Linseman is collaborating with the Graduate School of Professional Psychology to study the impact of traumatic brain injuries on aging adults. More: Innovative approach to studying traumatic brain injuries (DU Newsroom)

VIDEO: Brian Michel (Chemistry & Biochemistry) on drug development for kidney disease (10/12/16)

Thanks to a pilot grant from DU's Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging, a collaborative team of researchers is working to improve current pharmaceutical treatments for chronic kidney disease. More: Drug development for chronic kidney disease (DU Newsroom)

Sandra Eaton and Gareth Eaton (Chemistry & Biochemistry) are collaborating with biotechnology company to develop commercial imager (9/27/16)

A decades-long project is bearing fruit as technology invented at DU is poised to enter the commercial market in 2017. The instrument has implications for medical research and much more. Read more: Making Innovation at DU Available to the World (DU Newsroom)

Natasha Dobrinen (Mathematics) wins an NSF grant for abstract theory research (9/916)

Natasha Dobrinen has been awarded a three-year NSF Research Grant for her study, "Ramsey Theory, Set Theory, and Tukey Order." The grant is Dobrinen's second on the subject, which develops the theory of structures at the interface of three fields of mathematics. Ramsey theory focuses on the conditions under which order must appear. Set theory deals with the formal properties of sets as units without regard to the nature of their individual constituents, serving as an axiomatic foundation for all of mathematics similarly to the way that geometry is developed from a collection of postulates. Tukey order is a means of comparing relative strengths of different structures. The project finds connections between and strengthens these areas of mathematics, leading to new theory and a better understanding of mathematical structures.

Dinah Loerke (Physics & Astronomy) takes a close look at cell mechanics in tiny ocean creatures (9/2/16)

Loerke and colleagues are studying epithelial tissues in sea squirts. Because these same tissues line the organs, cavities and blood vessels of human bodies, the research has implications for medical challenges such as cancer and wound healing. Read more: Sea Squirts: Weird, Wacky and Loved By Scientists (DU Newsroom)



NSM Annual Awards Ceremony Thursday, December 1, 5:00--7:30 p.m.

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