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OACAC Conference 2012


Congratulations to those whose sessions were selected for this summer's OACAC Conference at the University of Denver! Sessions will be 70 minutes this year (instead of the 75 minutes in previous years) to accommodate new and exciting changes in our programming.  

All Audiences

  • "We are all on the same bus"-Organizing small (or larger) group school visits
  • From Around the World to Your Campus: How the UWC Movement Creates Community
  • Africa . . .The Untold Story
  • International Admissions 360°
  • ‘Breaking the ice!’ A guide to welcoming your new student
  • The Forgotten Student: Third Culture Kids and their impact on admissions, recruitment and student services
  • Permanent revolution: changes to Higher Education in (parts of) the UK
  • High School Summer Programs as a Tool for US College Recruitment & Marketing
  • Do Ask. Do Tell.
  • NACAC’s Commission on International Student Recruiting – Update & Discussion
  • The world is our membership….so how do we continue to engage all of our members?
  • The Common Application: A Guide For International Applicants and Counselors
  • External Examinations: Understanding GCSEs, SSCs, WASSCs, CXCs, KCSEs, and other examinations
  • Confident Decisions on Chinese Applicants
  • Achieving International Enrollment Management
  • Have you heard about Opportunity???
  • I'm Ready for College But Can't Find My Backpack: Getting Organized/Executive Functioning Strategies for Your LD, ADHD, & Asperger's/Autism Spectrum Student
  • I’ve Never Heard of That College—It Must Not Be Any Good!
  • Common App Preview and Feedback: 2012-13 and Beyond
  • Leaders & Legends, Big Ten University Updates
  • If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words: How to Host High School Counselors on Your Campus
  • College Counseling in China: Fixing the car while driving it!
  • The EducationUSA Connection: Your Resource in Supporting U.S. Higher Education
  • What I Thought I Knew About English Proficiency
  • Mainland Chinese School with International Curricula
  • The College Essay: Helping Students Tell Their Stories
  • What makes Europe an attractive option for your globally minded students?
  • Finding the Greenest Grass: Making a smooth transition to the “other side of the desk”
  • Learning from "the Other Side"-Finding Synergetic Solutions that Benefit both High Schools and Colleges
  • Social Media for International College/School Counseling Relations: Finding Fit in Real Time
  • Effective Use of Alumni in International Recruitment
  • How to Develop a Dynamic Portfolio
  • Naviance & eDocs From Both Sides of the Desk: An Electronic Reality Show (& Tell)
  • Evolving Role of Standardized Testing in College Admissions
  • Maybe it is broken? The High School Visit
  • And Now for Something Completely Different: Introducing the AP l Cambridge Capstone Program and Credential
  • Guidance Counselors + EducationUSA Advisers = Win-Win Situation for Both
  • Recruiting International Students with Cambridge International Credentials
  • Ya Lah: Understanding and Aiding Arab Students
  • NCAA & International Students
  • Tasting Wine with Andy Divine

High School Counselors

  • Efficiency, Effectiveness and Equity: Comparing High School Counseling Delivery Models
  • Essays That Matter: Avoiding the International Student Traps
  • The ABC’s of the SAT and ACT
  • “International Students can do WHAT in Canada?!”
  • You Are Applying Where?- Getting Students and Parents to Think More Globally in the College Search Process
  • University Counseling Semester Course: from Syllabus to Grading, How to Develop and Implement a Class
  • School Nominations and Selective Scholarships: Learn about Four Prestigious Merit Scholarships Programs and the Counselor's Role in the Application Process
  • Studying Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Netherlands and Germany. Now why on earth would you do that?
  • California 101: Understanding Higher Education Options Available in California
  • Competitive UK universities- Identifying and preparing your students for application
  • How to Attract University Visits: The Quito Model
  • Spiff up your College and Career Curriculum: Creative Projects for Grades 9-12
  • Canadian Universities and U.S: Advantages and Disadvantages

University Representatives

  • Me, Myself, and I: Survival in a Small International Admissions Office
  • Leveraging on-campus visit experience to increase international student interest in university
  • The Next Big Thing? How China and South Korea Illuminate Emerging Opportunities Beyond Northeast Asia
  • Bring On the World: A First-Timer’s Guide to International Admissions Travel
  • Branding & Voice: Social Media and Effective Online International Recruitment
  • Women’s Leadership in Admissions: Ouch! I just bumped my head.
  • Target the Globetrotters: New International Schools in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Show me an IELTS 7.0
  • What to do when you can’t do it all: How small admissions offices make it work!
  • Attracting the Academic Stars of Eastern Europe to Your Campus
  • UK University selection
  • Counseling Chinese Students: Four Perspectives

If you have any questions, please email Ray Marx