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OACAC 2012

OACAC Conference 2012

Pre/Post Conference Sessions


Pre Conference Sessions-Tuesday, July 10th

Option #1

The China Conundrum: Effective Ways to Approach International Student Recruitment Wrapped In A Mystery Inside An Enigma (8am – 1pm)-Lunch is included; $75

Participants will:

  • understand what factors play into how Chinese students make decisions about where to pursue higher education
  • be able to effectively attract and evaluate applicants from China
  • understand critical factors in ensuring the support and success of Chinese students after they arrive on campus

Option #2

Beyond China: Diversifying Your International Student Enrollment (1pm – 4pm)-Lunch is not included; $40

Participants will:

  • learn to bolster their international applications and expand their global appeal with limited resources, while not relying too heavily on one source country
  • explore innovative, data-driven approaches to identify and reach qualified students from a broad array of backgrounds
  • be able to use college search metrics and application trends to antipate interest from individual students in numerous countries
  • understand how colleges can adopt a proactive rather than reactive stance that will result in a diverse student body in support of its core mission, academic values, and internationalization goals

Option #3

Option #1 and #2 Combined (8am-4pm)-Lunch is included; $100


UK University Application Workshop (9am–3pm)-Lunch is included; $60

Post Conference Activities

For the most up to date information on Post-Conference Activities, please visit the OACAC Website.