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CITI RCR Instructions

You may find printing these instructions helpful in order to refer to them while enrolling.

  1. Go to
  2. Enroll as new user and enter the University of Denver as your affiliated institution.
  3. Select curriculum based on your interest or requirements and Submit:
    • Human Subjects in Research ; you may also register for this course if you need to depending on your area of interest. If HSR training is not necessary, please select the box that states “if you are not affiliated with one of these groups, please proceed to the next question(s)."
    • Choose the Responsible Conduct of Research Course Group based on your role and type of activity:
      • Biomedical RCR
      • Social and Behavioral RCR
      • Physical Science RCR
      • Humanities RCR
  4. Do not register with another Institution.
  5. Complete the modules included in the RCR Course.

Additional course modules are offered depending on your research interests. These courses are optional.