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Responsible Conduct of Research


Data Management

Covers the protection, collection, store, ownership and sharing of data to maintain its integrity. <Back to Menu>


Conflict of Interest and Commitments

Federal regulations require that the University manage, reduce, or eliminate actual or potential conflicts of interest with financial interests of a principal investigator (PI), project director, or others of a sponsored project. The University must require that investigators disclose any significant financial interest that creates an actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to a sponsored project. These regulations also require that such disclosure occur prior to the submission of a sponsored project proposal, or, if a significant financial interest develops subsequent to proposal submission or issuance of award, as such significant financial interests arise. <Back to Menu>


Human Subjects, Animal Subjects

To conduct research that involves the use of human subjects, the University is required by federal mandate to have an assurance of compliance for protection of human research subjects. Education on the protection of human research participants is required for all investigators conducting research involving human subjects. <Back to Menu>

To conduct research that involves animal subjects, the University requires you and your research staff to complete a few educational modules via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website. The modules include “Working with the IACUC”, “Working with Mice” or “Working with Rats”, and “Minimizing pain and distress. <Back to Menu>


Research Misconduct

The University of Denver requires that intellectual honesty and the highest ethical standards in research be maintained and relies primarily on the acceptance of responsibility by each member of the university community to adhere to professional standards of conduct in all research activity. <Back to Menu>



Covers researcher responsibility in sharing results. Research results should be shared honestly, efficiently, and without bias. <Back to menu>



Covers the role of the researcher as an educator.  New researchers learn many techniques from working closely with their mentors. <Back to Menu>


Peer Review and Collaborations

Covers researcher’s responsibility when working closely with colleagues and when reviewing the work of others. <Back to Menu>


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