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If interested in a consultant for your project, first check with ORSP for allowability if initially not budgeted or requested.

A Request for Subagreement (.doc) needs to be completed for each consultant who will exceed $300 or three days during a project. The agreement should be requested and issued by ORSP prior to your consultant beginning work on your project. If the proposed consultant is a DU employee, the individual should be paid through payroll, rather than through a consulting agreement.

Request for Subagreement:

  • Answer all questions on both pages of the form.
  • Make sure a clear, concise statement of the work to be performed by the consultant is attached.
  • Sign page 2 of the form and have it signed by your chair, dean or budgetary head.
  • Forward the completed form to the ORSP Project Administrator.

Consulting Agreement process:

  • Once the Request for Subagreement is received by the ORSP Project Administrator, the formal consulting agreement is prepared and forwarded to the consultant for his/her signature and notary. A copy is also sent to the PI.
  • Consultant returns both copies of signed and notarized agreement to ORSP.
  • ORSP obtains an authorized signature on behalf of the University of Denver.
  • One fully signed copy is kept for consultant file, and the other is sent to the consultant for his/her records.
  • When accounts payable vouchers are submitted for payment, the consultant name on the accounts payable voucher must match the consultant name listed on the Request for Subagreement.
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