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Cost Share

Award Stage

  • Office of Research and Sponsored Programs sets up grant/fund and activates a Cost Share Activity Code.
  • The Cost Share Activity Code is used with a 10000 fund and departmental operating org.
  • This Cost Share Activity Code will be needed on all transactions for salaries, supplies, travel and equipment. It will not be necessary to use the CS activity code on tuition, waived IDC or third party contributions.
  • Verification of Cost Share forms will be sent to the PI’s quarterly and must be signed and returned to ORSP.


  • Employees submit timesheets using departmental FOAP and Cost Share activity code.
    • Salaried/monthly employees submit salmon timesheets each month
    • Benefited/bi-weekly employees submit blue timesheets weekly


  • Items are purchased with direct pay vouchers or purchase orders
  • Cost share activity code must be used on direct pay forms or purchase orders to tag supplies as cost share.

Third Party

  • Signed statements from third party entities certifying cost match amounts.


  • All cost share must be accounted for and verified before the end of the project period. Cost share will be reported on the final financial report sent to the sponsor.
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