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Effort Certification

The Office of Management and Budget requires that each grant recipient document time expended towards a sponsored program. Recognizing the unique nature of universities and the absence of timecards, OMB requires documentation and certification of percent of effort, totaling 100%, in support of one’s total commitment to the university. In order to meet this requirement for documentation and certification, each individual paid on a monthly basis and who has some commitment towards a sponsored program, shall certify their effort based on the distribution of total compensation paid to the individual during that month.


1. A report will be generated based on payroll distributions for each employee who is:

Paid monthly, AND

  • Has been paid from a sponsored program fund, OR
  • Has cost-shared effort towards a sponsored program (as indicated through an Activity Code), OR
  • Has an employee class code related to research.

2. ORSP shall distribute these reports to the employees. Faculty will receive these reports semi-annually; Non-faculty will receive them monthly.

3. Employees shall review, indicate adjustments, and certify by signing.

4. The supervisor (PI) shall sign. If the employee is the PI, the Department Chair or Dean shall sign.

5. Reports shall be returned to ORSP promptly.

6. ORSP shall make any adjustments indicated through the Banner payroll system.