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eProtocol FAQ’s

1. What does the new electronic submission process entail?

  • Step 1. Complete the Human Research Protections Education Program
  • Step 2. Submit an eprotocol electronic access form.
  • Step 3. An email is sent with your username and default password. Please log-in and change this password.
  • Step 4. Fill out and submit an IRB Application.

2. What is the access form?

  • The access form grants users access to eprotocol. It consists of PI information, training certification, and if you are a student, your faculty sponsor’s signature.

3. What are some of the things I should be aware of when I first log-in to eprotocol?

  • Please remember to turn off your web browser’s pop-up blocker as well as any other tools that may prevent pop-ups.
  • Do not navigate with your web browser’s back and forward arrows. Please navigate through eprotocol.
  • Please remember to submit your application after checking for completeness.

4. How does my faculty sponsor approve my application?

  • Your faculty sponsor or advisor needs to be included in eprotocol, in order to review and approve your application. Please make sure they have access to eprotocol and that they have completed human subjects in research training.

5. What if my faculty sponsor is not in eprotocol?

  • They will need to fill out an access form. In the meantime you may add them as “other personnel.” Please remember to include them as faculty sponsors once they are in the system.

6. Do I need training in order to use eprotocol?

  • Eprotocol is Microsoft based and user friendly. You may use the eprotocol manual to create your application. You may also attend one of the eprotocol computer workshops offered or contact us at 303-871-4050/4052 or by email at , , or

7. Is training available?

  • Computer workshops are offered throughout the academic year. Please check our website for dates. We may also be able to help you on a one-on-one basis, please contact us at 303-871-4050/4052 or by email at , , or

8. Is my human subjects in research training through Blackboard still current?

  • You do not need additional human subjects in research training if you have already completed the program in order to access eprotocol.

9. I want to submit a continuation application, what is the process?

  • Information about the process will be sent to you along with an expiration reminder.

10. Forgot password feature is not working.

  • The "forgot password" feature serves users that have already entered into eprotocol. If you need a new default password, please contact us at 303-871-4050/4052 or by email at , , or

11. How do I save my application?

  • Eprotocol automatically saves your application as you move from page to page. You may also save your work by clicking on the disk icon on the upper right corner of the application.

12. How do I spell check my application?

  • You may spell check your application by clicking on the check mark on the upper right corner of the application.√

13. How do I get help?

14. Which application type should I use?

  • The level of risk determines the type of review needed for the research protocol. If the study is more than minimal risk to participants a full-committee review will be necessary. If a study is determined to be minimal risk to participants, it will then be reviewed under the expedited or exempt review process. Researchers can not make an IRB exempt decision. We can give you information about the review type your protocol might receive. For questions, please contact us at 303.871.4050 or by email:

15. How do I submit the application?

  • After “checking for completeness”, please select “Submit protocol” from the left hand side menu of your application.

16. My study does not need a consent form, why can’t I proceed with my application?

  • The majority of studies will require some type of consent. In the consent section you will have three options to attach a consent form, a waiver of consent documentation, or an alteration of informed consent. If you are working with existing data which may not have an informed consent, please select a consent form waiver request.

17. What kinds of documents do I need to attach to the application?

  • The attachment section gives a list of examples, such as letters of permission, recruitment flyers, progress reports, grant proposals, answers to international research questions, research instruments, continuation applications, etc.

18. My protocol was approved, but I can’t see it in my home page?

  • You may expand the “protocols approved” table by clicking on the arrows on the right hand side of the table.

19. How do I submit an addendum/revision to my approved protocol?

  • In the home page you will see a list of approved protocols. Select the approved protocol you would like to amend. A new window will open with a list of actions including: protocol deviations, renewal forms, revisions, withdrawal, etc.. The PI will be able to submit changes, continuations, etc. corresponding to that particular protocol.
  • Remember to submit the protocol.

Please also refer to General IRB FAQ’s.