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Commitments to match funds from external sponsors for the purpose of purchasing equipment may be made by the Department Chair, the Dean, the Vice Provost for Research, or a university employee who has fiscal responsibility for university non-restricted funds. Such commitments are considered cost-sharing. Authorization from these individuals is required prior to proposing any commitments, and these individuals will need to consider such commitments in their budget planning processes.


  • When a proposal is prepared, the PI shall work with ORSP to identify cost-shared expenses.
  • If a match for equipment is required, the PI shall obtain commitments from the Department Chair, Dean and/or Vice Provost for Research. Commitments shall be indicated on the ORSP Proposal Review & Approval (PRA) Form by noting the amount, fund/org, expected fiscal year of expense and signature.
  • Upon award of grant, ORSP shall communicate to the PI and Department Administrator the amount that is reserved for match and the fiscal year. The PI/Department Administrator shall confirm expected purchase(s) by indicating the DU purchase order number(s) and returning to ORSP.
  • The equipment shall be purchased from departmental funds.
  • The department shall submit invoice(s) and copy of financial transactions that have been paid to ORSP for reimbursement to their department fund/org.
  • ORSP makes expense transfers to the appropriate FOAP.