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Finding Funding

www.grants.gov -- Electronically find and apply for competitive grant opportunities from all Federal grant-making agencies.

Community of Science -- Access to services that help you prioritize research online, locate potential collaborators, find funding and conduct research online.

Receiving Grant Announcements/Funding Opportunities

How to get Guidelines and Application Materials

Tips on Locating Funding Opportunities and Potential Sponsors

The following information provides an overview of items to keep in mind when finding funding opportunities.

How to get Guidelines and Application Materials

ORSP orders program guidelines, application materials, and other information that may be needed for faculty members. ORSP will provide names/contacts, addresses, e-mail, phone and fax numbers. Also, any other pertinent information received regarding the program is distributed to faculty members that have inquired about the particular program.

If faculty members hear of agencies through their individual networks, newsletters, or other sources, the development staff will follow up. The development staff locates information as faculty request

Tips on Locating Funding Opportunities and Potential Sponsors

Finding a source to support a specific research project or type of scholarly activity can sometimes be a difficult process. ORSP provides services to assist in the process, however, faculty and researchers can take several steps to help in the process.

  • Read footnotes and acknowledgments. In reviewing literature on a topic, look at the footnotes to see who funded the project. The organization may be willing to fund more projects.
  • Check Professional Association Newsletters. Often these sources announce grant competitions.
  • Read newsletters/magazines. Again, these sources may provide tips or insights into organizations who fund similar projects.
  • Discuss the project with colleagues. They may know sources of support.
  • Read the descriptions of grant announcements carefully. The announcements could suggest other "keyword" areas to pursue. Also, the grant guidelines may eliminate over half the potential sponsors. Since guidelines are not always descriptive, contact the program officer/contact person at the agency.
  • Update Community of Science faculty record regularly. It allows ORSP the opportunity to send accurate information.
  • Work with the development staff on an on-going basis.
  • Check ORSP's Home Page Regularly.
  • Don't give up!
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