Education to be completed before the start of any research  

Education on the protection of human research participants is required for all "key personnel" on research involving human subjects at the University of Denver.

Key personnel include all individuals responsible for the design and conduct of the study. This includes Principle Investigators, Co-Investigators, Faculty Advisors, Research Assistants, Interviewers, etc. 

This requirement applies for all key personnel explained above regardless of funding. 

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General Research Education Requirement :

The University of Denver provides access to the required training through an interactive online tutorial, the CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) Course in the Protection of Human Research Subjects.   

Below are the instructions for enrolling for the online Human Research Protection Certification exam. You may find printing these instructions helpful in order to refer to them while enrolling.

Taking the CITI Program education

1)     Go to

2)     If you have never used CITI before, enroll as "New User" by clicking on "Register Here".

(If you have completed the required CITI training at another institution within the past 4 years, you may be able to log into your existing account and add the University of Denver as an "Affiliated Institution."  For help with this process, please feel free to contact the DU Research Compliance Office at 303-871-4050/2 or email

3)     Complete Registration. (Please make sure that in Step 1, under "Participating Institutions," you enter the University of Denver as your affiliated institution)

4)     Select a Learner Group. 

  • Human subject (IRB) - "SBER Research Investigators" is required

  • Animal care & Unit (IACUC) - "Working with the IACUC Course" is required

                      Click here for additional required courses

  • Biosafety (IBC) - "CITI Initial Biosafety Training Course" is required

Click here for additional information

NOTE: If you are key personal on a funded project , you much also check "Yes" for the Conflict of Interest learner group.


5)     Once you have completed the registration process you should be take to your "Main Menu" page.  Under "My Courses" you should see : 

  •  "SBER Research Investigators: Basic Course."   if you are Human subjects researcher
  •  " Investigators, Staff and Students, Basic Course" if you are using animals in your research
  •  " Training for Investigators, Staff and Students Handling Biohazards., Biosafety/Biosecurity" if you are using biological materials and/or recombinant DNA in your research.

6)     Read each module and complete the quizzes at the end of each section.   You may stop and resume at any time. Once you have completed and passed each section, you may print a copy of the completion certificate for your records.  You do not need to submit documentation to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs



Downloading CITI Training Certificates

Note: CITI Course expire , and must be renewed every four years.

1)     Go to

2)    To log in enter you username and password.

            Note: if you have forgotten your log in information , contact


3)     When you log in , your main page sgould show a list of your current, pending and completed courses.

          Note: Expired Courses i.e. courses completed over a period of more than four years will not be listed on this page.



4)     Click on the link Print under the study Completion report.

5)     Once the completion report opens , right click on the page and save the report docuument as a PDF.

According to DU policy, this training expires every four years.  When this expiration is approaching a refresher course should appear under "My Courses."  It is your responsibility to ensure that your training does not expire and that you are compliant with DU policy for the duration of your involvement in research involving human subjects at the University of Denver.


 Adding Training Credentials to IRBNet

Proof of completion of training is a required document for protocol submissions to the IRB. ALL RESEARCH PERSONNEL MUST create an IRB account and submit CITI certificate to the DU Research Compliance Office.

1)     Log- in to IRBNet

2)     Click on "User Profile" (top right corner)

3)     Scroll down to "Training & Credentials"

4)     Click "Add New Record"

  • Complete the mandatory fields (see Figure 1 below)


NOTE: When selecting document type, scroll to the bottom of the list to select "CITI SBER"

5)    Upload your CITI completion record

6)    Click "Attach"

  • This should take you back to the User Profile page.

NOTE: You still need to SUBMIT your training records to the Research Compliance Office.

7)     Scroll back to the Training and Credentials section at the bottom of the page

8)     Click on the "SUBMIT" link at the bottom right side of the table. (see below under the Pencil)


9)     When prompted, search for "University of Denver" and select "University of Denver (DU) IRB, Denver, CO" from the list

10)   Click "Continue"


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