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ORSP is responsible for all invoicing and receiving payments on grants and contracts administered through ORSP.

The account representative determines the type of reimbursement rate and then invoices accordingly:

  • Cost reimbursable grants/contracts are usually invoiced monthly based on actual expenditures.
  • Fixed Price Contracts are invoiced on a predetermined schedule but are not based on actual expenditures.

Invoicing Responsibilities

The ORSP accounting staff take the following steps once invoices are generated:

  • The billing period is checked to be sure that it is within the period of the grant/contract.
  • Fringe, IDC, G&A, Fees, etc. are checked to see if they calculated properly.
  • The billed-to-date total is checked to the total budget to insure that the grant/contract is not in an overrun situation.

All invoices are approved, signed and sent to the sponsor.