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Journal Entries

A journal entry can be used to distribute expenses to a project, such as telephone and photocopying charges that have been recorded in an administrative account. Journal entries can also be used to correct clerical and bookkeeping errors. Any transfers involving salary and fringe benefits on research accounts must be handled by ORSP.

When processing an journal entry the following issues must be addressed:

1. Justification: A detailed explanation must be provided which explains the need to transfer an expense which has previously been approved on another account.

2. Documentation: There must be an audit trail traceable to the original charge.

3. Timeliness: Journal Entries must be processed within 90 days of the date of the original charge. Any transfer request submitted after 90 days will be disallowed unless there is a justification for the delay. Journal entries submitted more that 60 days after the end of a project are disallowed unless there is justification for the change.

All journal entries are reviewed by the financial representative for allowability and then forwarded to general accounting.

Any questions regarding transferring expenses to or from a research account should be addressed to your financial representative.