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Project Administration News

Change in NIH Policy on Revised Resubmission Proposals

Effective 1/25/09

On January 25, 2009, applicants submitting new and competing renewal NIH proposals that are not funded will be permitted to submit only one revised proposal instead of the two revisions that is the current practice. Applicants who aren’t funded after the original submission and one revised submission may only submit the same project proposal again if the application is “fundamentally revised to qualify as new. A new application is expected to be substantially different in content and scope with more significant differences than are normally encountered in an amended application.” The applicant will be expected to substantially re-design the project rather than simply making changes in response to reviewer comments. NIH expects that this policy change will result in funding for more meritorious original proposals, with the resulting decrease in resubmissions reducing the burden on applicants and on reviewers, and reducing the delay in funding for meritorious science. There is no time limit for the submission of the one allowed revision following an unfunded original proposal.

NOTE: Original new and competing renewal proposals that were submitted prior to January 25, 2009 will be permitted two revised resubmissions until January 7, 2011. After that date, NIH will not accept second revised submissions.


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